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Carhartt “Game Off Skills” 2011

“On the 14th of may 2011 Carhartt brings you the second edition of the Game of Skillz contest in Vienna. With Arena / Vienna the chilled venue stays the same. A pro purse of 7000.- euro will be devided between the pro finalists while the masterclass riders will be rewarded with Carhartt goodies. The format will be master and pro with battles for pros and runs for the masters. Registration is free.”Game Of Skills
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Carhartt – Mike Miller & Ed Zunda Videopart

Both Mike Miller and Ed Zunda will be filming for 10 days for Carhartt video part this summer with Dominik Wrobel. Can’t wait to see this one.

Sarah Needs Your BMX Help

This girl (Sarah) liked Stefan Lantschner’s Carhartt video so much that she is asking you to help her find some BMX videos that are similar to this one.

Carhartt Heritage Line

“With over 120 years of experience in creating products in an outstanding quality and elaborate design, we are turning back to take a look at a vintage selection of our iconic classics. Join us in celebrating our legendary history with the Carhartt Heritage line.”Carhartt

Carhartt Gran Canaria Trip *Remake* Part 2

Here is the second part from Carhartt’s trip to Gran Canaria. The first one and a little more info about it you can read over here.

Carhartt BMX – Gran Canaria Trip *Remake*

Featuring Bruno Hoffmann, Owain Clegg, Ben Hennon, Stefan Lantschner, Hannu Cools and more riding in Gran canaria.
“Two years ago we did a trip to Gran Canaria. It was a week full of sun, even in the middle of December and we were surprised about the tons of spots this island has to offer. We’re still stoked by this experience and have now 6 short parts of this amazing time, with amazing riders and amazing spots. Get a drink and look forward… Spring’s not too far away!”Carhartt
Video by Dominik Wrobel

Carhartt Collection Spring/Summer 2011

Carhartt posted this years spring/summer collection. A lot of new shirt, T-shirt, pants and many more. Check it over here.
“Waiting has an end: we are happy to present the Spring / Summer 2011 collection. Experience an extensive and diverse line of products that offers a broad range of established, reliable styles as well as innovative pieces that reflect the brand’s evolution.”Carhartt