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Chad Kerley – 2014 Markit Denim Promo Edit

Chad Kerley’s signature CK jeans from Markit Denim are back in stock and what a better way to announce the fresh release than with an insane promo edit. I must admit, I really thought this one will be a little easier, but we all know Chad, he just can not go easy. Maybe it is easy for him, but it is far from easy for all the rest of us immortals. Two minutes of Chad Kerley madness just for you and when you are done watching, head over to Markit web site, use code CKALLDAY and score yourself free shipping.
Now back to the video, this is technical as shit. It really is and that is what CK’s riding is all about. The up double peg grind on that small rail to tailwhip out straight into a hop over rail and drop truck driver. Or the double peg to hard 180 to fakie tailwhip over a set of stairs. Oh, and that nose manual line on that ridiculously high ledge. I could continue highlighting every single trick combos in here, because every single one deserves it. But I will stop and try not ruining everything for you. Hit play and see this madness for yourself.
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Markit Denim Winter Promo

Markit crew came out with another banger web video to promote their 2014 winter products. Riders that are featured in the video are Christian Rigal, Dennis Enarson, Rob Wise, Connor Lodes, Chad Kerley, Geoff Slattery, Mike Jonas and Ronnie Napolitan. Hit play and enjoy this 10 minutes long vid, it is a sick one.
Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Chad Kerley Personal Bike Giveaway

Chad Kerley is on it lately, first he was giving away his signature CK forks from Premium and now he is giving away his whole setup via Dan’s Comp. Now is your chance to win yourself Chad’s Premium machine, by entering the contest through this form over at Dan’s web site.

Win Chad Kerley’s Premium CK Forks

Here is a good chance to win yourself Chad Kerley’s signature CK forks from Premium. Follow @premimumbmx_ and post a photo or video on Instagram and hash tag it with #winckforks and you are in. Giveaway ends next Monday, November 11th.

2013 Texas Toast Jam Street Finals By Vital

Texas Toast – Street Finals – More BMX Videos

Another video highlights from the street finals competition over at the 2013 Texas Toast Jam featuring Van Homan, Chad Kerley, Biz, Broc Raiford, Simone Barraco, Zack Gerber, Trey Jones and many more. Broc’s up double peg grind to over truck driver really is incredible.
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2013 Texas Toast Jam – Street Finals Highlights

Dirt finals at 2013 Texas Toast Jam were nuts, but street finals were insane. Here are video highlights, brought to you by Ride BMX, and it is something you must not miss today. From insane tricks to flat, to ridiculously high airs, pocket airs and other madness from Zack Gerber, Broc Raiford, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Stevie Churchill, Van Homan and many more.
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2013 Texas Toast Jam – 20 Highlights From Day 2

Texas Toast – 20 Highlights from Day 2 – More BMX Videos

Vital just dropped 20 highlights from the day two over at the 2013 Texas Toast Jam street course featuring Simone Barraco, Broc Raiford, Mike Hoder, Rob Wise, Chad Kerley, Biz and many more. I am really looking forward to the finals to see the results and the riding of course.
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2013 Dew Tour Streetstyle Finals Highlights

For all of us who missed the live stream of the 2013 Dew Tour San Francisco Streetstyle contest, here are now video highlights featuring first six finalists, Chad Kerley, Ty Morrow, Scotty Cranmer, Drew Bezanson, Garrett Reynolds and Van Homan. The course was unreal for one more year and the riders nailed down plenty of goodness. Chad really murdered every object he hit.
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2013 Dew Tour Streetstyle Results And Videos

If you ask me the Streestyle contest at the Dew Tour in San Francisco is such a good addition to the whole event, with an amazing and unique course riders get a chance to get as creative as they want. Above, below and after the jump you will find five videos from runs from Chad Kerley, Ty Morron, Scotty Cranmer, Drew Bezanson and Garrett Reynolds and if you scroll down, you will also get the finals result. Just amazing.

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2013 Dew Tour Street Finals Highlights And Results

I was on a short trip to Insbruck, Austria over the weekend so I didn’t catch the street finals at 2013 Dew Tour San Francisco so I was definitely stoked to watch the highlights, to see what stuff went down. A lot of craziness from riders like Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dan Lacey, Stevie Churchill, Bruno Hoffmann and many more. But it was the one and only Reynolds who got on the first spot. Watch and enjoy the highlights by clicking the play button above.

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