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Nike Batalla BCN Video

I was dying to see this one today since the first second I woke up and here it is now. Nike crew, Alex Kennedy, Simone Barraco, Kriss Kyle, Joris Coulomb, Daniel Tünte and Chad Kerley, spent some time in Barcelona, Spain, murdering every single street spot of it (well, not every). This video is above my expectations, the riding is insane, the filming and editing is really good, thanks to Peter Adam, so please, do not wait, go and watch it now. Must see.
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Nike Batalla BCN Teaser

Sometimes edits made me speechless and I would rather left the comment section blind, but I somehow can not do it, I just need to write something about the vid. Nike sent their riders Alex Kennedy, Simone Barraco, Kriss Kyle, Chad Kerley, Joris Coulomb and Daniel Tünte to the street mecca of Barcelona, Spain to film for a web video and here is the teaser. It may be a teaser, but this teaser will make you go crazy. I just can not wait to see that nose manual from Chad pulled, that thing is so freaking long.
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Cinema Team At Hollenbeck Skatepark

The Cinema crew, Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Bruno Hoffmann, Dan Lacey and Dakota Roche, made a pitstop at the Hollenbeck skatepark in Los Angeles and here is what went down. It is pretty much unreal what Chad and Garrett are doing on their bikes, simply amazing. Too bad there is not more stuff from Lacey in here.
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New Soul BMX Cover, Issue 79

Take a look at the cover of the latest issue of Soul BMX magazine, issue 79, featuring Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley, shot by Jeremy Pavia. Each issue comes with an exclusive Vinyl DVD.

Chad Kerley 2012 Graduation Fall Back Edit

I was sure that I already saw this one, but just found out that I was wrong. Chad Kerley’s footage never gets old and boring, even if it is a year old and doesn’t include ten bangers in a row. This was filmed right after Chad’s graduation and it is loaded with hot and fun stuff.
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Dan’s Comp – Chad Kerley Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Chad Kerley – More BMX Videos

This is clean, smooth, stylish, solid and crazy technical. Dan’s Comp pro rider Chad Kerley makes things looks so easy. I didn’t expect a one footed table from this guy, but it fits just perfectly in this crazy mix. But than that nose many/many line with barspins, un-freaking-real. Must see.
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Chad Kerley Bike Check

19 years old Chad Kerley has a bike check up on Markit site, where he is showing his signature Premium CK setup in gold and nailing down this rad up manual to 180 barspin. Go and check it out.

Premium Chad Kerley CK Frame Promo

Chad Kerley’s signature CK frame from Premium is finally available and to make a proper announcement, they dropped this pretty much unreal street web edit, filmed and edited by Miles Rogoish. Combo, on combo, on combo. We could say that every single trick in here is almost impossible, but it does not trouble Chad.
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Japan – A Travelogue

Walter Pieringer recently got a chance to travel to Japan with Brian Yeagle, KC Badger, Joseph Frans, Broc Raiford, Chad Kerley, Alex Magallan and Greg Illingworth. Guys were heading over there to do demos, but when they were done with shows Walter,Brian, KC and Joseph rented a car and went on an adventure. As much as I like crazy edits with insane tricks in it, I like these kind of edits pretty much the same. They are putting these good vibe out and are so enjoyable to watch.
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Chad Kerley Welcome To Cinema

Chad Kerley is the latest addition to the Cinema team and to make it official here is now the welcome to the team edit, that was filmed on a six days long trip around Los Angeles, earlier this month. What to say, Chad fits perfectly to the team and this edit is just a proof of how good he is and how technical he can get. Must see.
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