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Markit Jeans Sneak Peek

This is one of the first looks at the all new Markit jeans, which were in the works for some time now. You know Markit’s main goal is to produce jeans and pants for all us BMX riders, right? If you don’t remember or haven’t read the interview with Dennis Enarson, do it now.

End Of The Year Edit

I am always saying something like this, please guys never throw away your scrap and leftover clips, throw them together, put them online and hit us up, maybe it lands right here on the page. Greg Micklas had plenty of footage laying around his hard drive, that was never used before, and finally decided to made an edit out of them. There sure is some good riding in here, so click play and enjoy.
Featuring Joey Maclennan, Wes Rhoe, Sean Slootmaker, Will Grahm, Chad Kerley, Elliot Negron, Beer Man, Kurt Russell and Greg Micklas.

Behind The Scenes W/ Kerley, Enarson, Simms, Catfish & Others

Behind-the-Scenes with Kerley, Enarson, Simms, & More — More BMX Photos

A really dope photo gallery giving you a behind the scenes look at how session with Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Miles Rogoish, Brad Simms, Corey Bohan, Paul DeMarcus and many more look like. Loving the black and white photos, just loving it.

Markit Nor Cal Flipbook

Make your way to the Markit web site, to check a really cool flipbook, that was made by one of Markit’s family members and really good photographer Brandon Means, while they were on a trip around Northern California last month.

BMX Trivia – Dennis Enarson Vs Chad Kerley

Alli Sports are back with a new installment in their “Head2Head” series featuring San Diego’s finest Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley. A battle of questions about San Diego scene, BMX in general and also about skateboarding. Find out who won above. This was pretty funny.
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Dennis Enarson – A Week With The Markit Crew

Alli Sports dropped a fresh new installment in their “Alli Show” series showing you guys how the life on the road with Dennis Enarson and the Markit crew (Chad Kerley, Christian Rigal, Connor Lodes, Geoff Slatter, Mike Jonas, Rob Wise, Ronnie Napolitan) looks like. These are behind the scenes showing you what you can expect in the upcoming Markit DVD and words about Markit and what Markit is and what are it’s future plans from Enarson. Definitely a really good and enjoyable watch.
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Apocalyptic Markit Mix

The Markit crew just released an unreal edit filmed around California and Mexico, that is full of amazing and really good riding from Connor Lodes, Mike Jonas, Ronnie Napolitan, Christian Rigal, Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson and friends. If you are getting ready to go out for a session or you have some free time, you must watch this edit, otherwise you will do crime.
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ARF – Certified Vs Non-Certified Bicycle Helmet Impact Test

Beafore you stop reading, please do me a favor, press that play button and watch this video clip.
Athlete Recover Fund invited pro riders Chad Kerley, Mike “Hucker” Clark and Brandon Dosch to show them the difference between the certified and non-certified helmets with the impact test. The results show that the G Force is five times smaller when using the certified helmets. One thing is sure, don’t be a tough guy with wearing a non-certified helmet. There is too much accidents lately because of these helmets and we don’t want to lose more of you guys.
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Chad Kerley & Jeremiah Smith At Woodward

Chad Kerley and Jeremiah Smith completely destroyed the new plaza course at Woodward East. These two went extremely technical with grind, nose manual and manual combos, but that is just the half of what is happening in this split. You will do crime if you skip this one.
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Wizard Of Aus: Finale – Texas Toast Jam – Episode 13

For the final episode, episode 13, of Wizard Of Aus, Corey Bohan heads to Austin, Texas for Taj Mihelich’s Texas Toast Jam. He tells you why he likes these kind of events, gets a few runs done at the dirt course and hit’s the premier of Brian Foster’s documentary. The last part is dedicated to the crazy riding that went down at the street contest, featuring Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Gary Young, Corey Martinez, Greg Illingworth and more.
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