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The Bakery Secret Recipe Finals – Section 2 Of 3

The second video from the The Bakery Secret Recipe finals is here. 12 top BMX riders threw down some insane riding and here is a collection of best clips from the day. Super technical stuff, grind combos and one insane ender from Jeremiah Smith. Featuring riding from Bruno Hoffmann, Broc Raiford, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Devon Smillie, Timmy Theus, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Jeremiah Smith and Dakota Roche. Must see.
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Chase Dehart – Bullshittin

No matter if it is new footage, old footage, lost footage or leftover footage, everything that drops on the world wide web from Chase Dehart is always welcome. Style, smoothness, cleanliness and steeze, enjoy.
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The Bakery Secret Recipe – Practice

Oh wow, here is a dose of top notch riding from a warm up for the 2013 The Bakery Secret Recipe contest, featuring Bruno Hoffmann, Dan lacey, Broc Raiford, Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Jeremiah Smith, Devon Smillie, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Timmy Theus, Dakota Roche and Corey Martinez.
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Dan’s Comp – Chase Dehart Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Chase Dehart – More BMX Videos

It was yesterday when we post a video bike check that dropped, featuring Chase Dehart, and it is today that we are posting Chase’s newest web video. From wallrides, to links and the smoothest whips, Dan’s Comp’s Chase Dehart destroyed local New Jersey spots.
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Chase Dehart – Riding + Bike Check

Chase Dehart: Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

One of the smoothest riders in the game of BMX, Chase Dehart, runs you through his current personal setup and does some shredding at the skatepark. How cool is it to be able to ride Ralph Sinisi’s wheel? Very cool.
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Chase Dehart Dan’s Comp Ad

Chase Dehart with a smooth downside tailwhip for Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad, that is featured in the 97th issue of the DIG magazine, to promote some of the stuff from his sponsors, Cult, Etnies and Animal.

Dan’s Comp Holidays 2013 Catalog And Chase Dehart Interview

Dan’s Comp put together the holidays 2013 catalog, where you can check all the new parts from you favorite companies. They also caught up with Chase Dehart to get a little update done how is it being a dad, filming for Cult, Animal and more.

Chase Dehart Animal Bikes Ad

Animal Bikes’ latest print ad that is running in the fall 2013 catalog from Dan’s Comp featuring Chase Dehart, Akimbo cranks, V3 sprocket and Big Script crewneck.

Cult 2013 / 2014 Catalog

Cult just released their 2013/2014 catalog to show you guys all the new parts, apparel and complete bikes. I really stopped for a few minutes at the page that features their Cult X Vans collaboration shoes (see below). These came out really amazing, clean and simple design, that’s what I personally really like about shoes. Along with these, you will also see the Cult X Vans grips, shirts, hats, beanies, frames, pegs, Alex Kennedy’s signature grips, Chase Dehart’s signature Tripod seat/post system and all the rest of the parts. Oh, and of course the Cult X The Simpson complete bike, the Duff 24″ cruiser. I still can not really believe this really happened. I hope we will be seeing the Homer version also.

Cult X Vans shoes

Chase Dehart Cult Ad, Ride BMX 194

Cult posted up the latest print ad featuring Chase Dehart that can be seen in the 194th issue of the Ride BMX magazine.