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Childstore – Mattias Bjärkby 2013 Web Video

Mattias Bjärkby Childstore 2013 from linus on Vimeo.

Mattias Bjärkby is a Childstore ripper and this is something new from him filmed at this indoor ramp facility to say them thanks. This is the first time I am posting something from Mattias on the web site and I hope this is not the last. Kid is a shredder.
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Oscar Gottfries For Childstore

This new edit from Childstore’s Oscar Gottfries is simply amazing. I don’t really know where to start, because there is so much good stuff in here, that I am sure it will make you go wow. Oscar is a really technical rider and is pulling everything with ease. Must see.
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Jens Skeppstedt 2013 Childstore Edit

Jens Skeppstedt sending over his 2013 edit for his sponsor Childstore that he was working on over the past weeks/months around Sweden and Copenhagen. I sure am into this kid’s style of riding, smooth, clean and a nice use of freecoaster. Check it out.
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New Black X Childstore

A little less than a minute of street and skatepark riding. Even if being a short one there is still a lot of good stuff in here worth taking a watch. Hit it.

Jens Skeppstedt Welcome To Childstore

Jens Skeppstedt hit me up with his welcome to Childstore edit, he has been working on lately. Jens went outside, to film some street and also went inside to get some park shredding done. This guy has ridiculously good and smooth style. Who wants to see more from him in 2013?
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Umea Childstore Edit

Three of the Childstore riders, Mattias Saarinen, Magnus Dahlberg and Ludvig Oskarsson, having a session at this indoor skatepark in Umea, Sweden. Rails and ledges of this park sure got damaged when these dudes came.

Childstore x New Black Streetmode Stockholm 2012 – Oliver Jonasson

Oliver Jonasson riding some street in Stockholm for Childstore and New Black. Chill edit with some clean moves. The word is saying that Oliver is filming for the The Hunt section, so we will be definitely seeing a lot more from him in the future.

Childstore X New Black Streetmode Stockholm 2012 – Jasper Stern

It looks like Jasper Stern got seriously injured and when knocked out he dreamed of riding his local street spots in Stockholm. Damn, that knee looks pretty crazy injured.

New Black X Childstore – Oliver Jonasson

All you who are really into grinding, regular and oposite, this new edit from Oliver Jonasson, which is actually also a welcome to the New Black edit, is defintiely for you.