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Mirraco In San Jose

Mirraco in San Jose – More BMX Videos

Mirraco riders Chris Hughes, Chris Bracamonte, Lennie Westfall and Dustin McCarty with proper shredding around the concrete skatepark spots of San Jose. Guys really did their job well, pulling big tricks, technical tricks, stylish tricks, you name it. Enjoy the show.
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Stolen Bikes – Chris Brown Park Edit

Usually Chris Brown is hitting streets, but every now and then he also gets stuff done at the skateparks. He met up with Chris Bracamonte recently at the local skatepark and got a new Stolen Bikes web edit done for your viewing pleasure.
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Calling The Shots With Dan Foley And Connor Lodes

Premium BMX team riders Dan Foley and Connor Lodes met up at the skatepark to get a new episode of Calling The Shots done for Network A. Connor is riding, Dan is calling tricks, Chris Bracamonte gets in between for a toothpick hangover barspin and Dan ends the whole thing with a sick and tech line. That’s it. Enjoy.
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We Made It – Calling The Shots

Pretty cool Calling The Shots video Chris Bracamonte put together for the We Made It, from a day spent cruising around Venice Beach with Tom Villarreal, Jackson Ratima, Miles Simone and more. Hit play and check a wild girl doing some stunts on roller skates along with all the awesome riding.
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Stolen Bikes – Glen Girbovan 2013 Edit

Glen Girbovan hit street spots from San Diego to San Francisco, California with Chris Bracamonte and filming stuff for a new full Stolen Bikes edit. Glen is a young gun, but his riding is getting crazier and crazier each time something new drops from him. Solid.
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Chris Bracamonte Video Bike Check

Chris Bracamonte Riding + Bike Check – Mirraco Must See – More BMX Videos

Chris Bracamonte is back in the game after a hand injury and to celebrate it, he built himself up a fresh new Mirraco setup and put it to test around Venice Beach. Watch above and find out what he will be riding in 2013.
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TCU – Chris Bracamonte Edit

Chris Bracamonte doing his thing on the streets and John Hicks is there for him to capture all the goodness. The filming was cut short due to Chris’ broken arm, but they still got a few solid clips, to make one awesome minute long web edit.
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Chris Bracamonte Edit

Shane McLellan threw together leftover clips that didn’t make the cut for his I Can’t Stop DVD featuring Chris Bracamonte. I am sure his section in the video will be real good, even if he stopped filming earlier due to an injured hand.
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I Can’t Stop Trailer 2

Shane McLellan dropped the second trailer for a video he has been working on called I Can’t Stop. All I can say is that I can not wait for this one to drop, because it features some really good riding from Chris Bracamonte, Paul Barnum, Aber Lizama, Glen Girbovan, Quincy Dean, Dylan Sparkman, Matt Petrissans and more.
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Glen Girbovan Welcome To Stolen Bikes

This is a quick introduction, that Miles Simone did for Glen Girbovan, welcoming him to the Stolen Bikes team. A full edit is currently in the works, so be on the lookout for it, but in the mean time, watch this concrete skatepark session edit. Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte.
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