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Chris Brown Stolen Ad

Chris Brown riding this rad white rainbow ledge for Stolen’s latest print ad that you can fins in the 198 issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Afternoons With Quintin’s Raul Ruiz And Chris Brown

Afternoons with Quintin Co. from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

Here is a short edit from an Afternoon with Quintin riders Raul Ruiz and Chris Brown shredding some concrete and streets of Los Angeles. Just a nice sweet short edit, with a funny clip where they got kicked from a spot.
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Quintin – Commuting With Chris Brown

Commuting with Chris Brown | Holiday 2013 from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

This is just a quick little promotion Quitnin did with Chris Brown as they spent a day with him cruising around Los Angeles, to promote their 2013 Holiday collection. If you haven’t seen all the great products they have to offer, go and check them out now.

Bay Game – Scrizzy #2

The Bay Game crew continues with the Scrizzy series and just dropped the second installment, featuring Julio Tating, Jackson Ratima, Bob Randel, Boy, Raul Ruiz, Chris Brown, Tomy Prince, Kurtis Elwell and Anthony Renda. Been missing footage from these guys, so it is great seeing them back. Enjoy.
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BMX In Dynamic Duo Music Video

If I were you I would mute speakers before pressing the play button above (I am just warning you, do what you want), but it is great seeing more BMX in music videos. Chris Brown and Chad Johnston were spotted in the Dynamic Duo music video. See it above.

Stolen Bikes – Chris Brown Park Edit

Usually Chris Brown is hitting streets, but every now and then he also gets stuff done at the skateparks. He met up with Chris Bracamonte recently at the local skatepark and got a new Stolen Bikes web edit done for your viewing pleasure.
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The Manna Machine Mixtape

Larry Alvarado and The Manna Machine came out with a ridiculously good “Pure Energy” mixtape, that include for 24 minutes of amazing footage from riders like Raul Ruiz, Jesse Whaley, Eddie Hernandez, Chris Gille, Chris Brown and many many more. If you are chilling home, you definitely need to check this one out, especially if you are just in time to go riding.
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Stolen 1984 T-Shirt Available Now

Chris Brown and photographer Christopher Mortenson to get some photos done of Stolen’s all new 1984 T-shirt, which is available now. Hit your local shop or favorite mail order and get fresh.

Stolen – Chris Brown 2013 Edit

Chris Brown enjoys cruising around town and hitting various street spots. This guy is still under the knife, due to an injured knee, but this new Stolen web edit of him, is good as hell and I hope we will be seeing him back in the game as soon as possible. This guy is master of feeble grinds on rails and rail rides. Enjoy.
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Stolen Spring 2013 T-Shirt Collection

Guys over at Stolen put together a flipbook to show you their spring 2013 T-shirt line, using Morgan Long, Sean Morr, Jackson Ratima, Chris Brown, Chase Zink, J.J. Anderwald, Glen Girbovan and Kurt Russell as models.