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Chris Courtenay’s One Way Ticket To California

Chris Courtenay: One Way Ticket to California – More BMX Videos

Chris Courtenay packed his stuff and took a one way plane ticket and headed over to the California where he destroyed pretty much every single spot Cali has to offer. This is a little something from his time spent in the USA, shredding some transitions. It is always great watching Chris shred and this piece is no different. Last tailwhip to footjam tailwhip on that sub box at Pat Casey’s place was mad.
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Colony – Chris Courtenay 2013 Edit

Chris Courtenay 2013 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Chris Courtenay has filmed most of this stuff over the course of three weeks between Sydney and North Queensland, Australia and there are also a few clips in here from his USA trip. Colony’s rider Chris is a park machine and can always surprise with some great moves and this new one of his is another great example. Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee.
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Chris Courtenay Colony Web Advert

In a few weeks there will be a new Chirs Courtenay web edit out and to tease you all a little bit, Colony just dropped this web advert to show you a little something what to expect in the vid.

Colony – Woodward West Shootout 2013

Colony’s Alex Hiam, Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay, Bobby Altiser and Paddy Gross spent a week at Woodward West to film for this year’s 2013 Woodward West Shootout. Like all the rest of the teams, they also came out really solid with tons and tons of amazing stuff. Go.
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One Day With Chris Courtenay

Epic TV presents you One Day With Chris Courtenay, filmed and edited by JC Pieri. Chris and JC spent a day hitting skateparks around California and filming serious stunts for this new web video. Colony rider likes going big on his bike, pulling several tricks at a time, but the highlights for me was the toothpick stall to tuck no-hander.
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Colony – Chris Courtenay And Jourdan Barba Raw Clips

Colony decided to start dropping footage of their team that were never used before. To kick things of they are releasing Chris Courtenay’s clips from a sprocket promo they filmed back in 2011 and Jourdan Barba’s from last year at Woodward West. Chris goes insane with air style tricks and Jourdan technical with grinds. Enjoy.

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Aquest Apparel – Matt Whyatt, Chris Courtenay And Jake Wallwork Split Edit

Aquest Apparel team riders Matt Whyatt, Chris Courtenay and Jake Wallwork threw a session down at the Rampfest indoor skatepark and this is what they filmed. All three are big names and all three are serious heavy hitters, so seat back and let your jaw drop while watching big moves pulled.
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Chris Courtenay Colony Ad

Colony’s latest print ad that can be found in the newest issue of the 2020 BMX magazine featuring Chris Courtenay with a dope one-handed table at the Woodgate skatepark in north Queensland,to promote the 2014 Premise complete bike.

BMX Worlds 2013 – Pro Park Top Three

Here are runs from the top three finalists at the BMX Worlds 2013 pro park competition, Chris Courtenay, Declan Brooks and Daniel Dhers. All three pulled some serious stuff in their runs, but it was Daniel’s run that was the biggest and the best and got him on that first place.
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Colony Endeavour 2014 Complete Bike Promo

Now these kind of promotional videos are the one I really like. They not only show you all the specifications of the bike, but you get tons of really good riding from the whole crew. Hit play above and see what Colony’s 2014 Endeavour complete bike is offering along with riding clips from Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Jourdan Barba, Cooper Brownlee, Jack Kelly, Bobbie Altiser, Pete Radivo, Ryan Guettler, Tom Stretton and Mick Bayzand.
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