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Day Edit Two By Alex Hiam

Last year wasn’t the luckies for Colony’s Alex Hiam, cause he got injured several times. That does not mean that he isn’t active, he sure is, all the time behind his camera. Recently he spent a day at the Browns Plains and Varsity Lakes skateparks with his mated and filmed this awesome edit. Tons and tons of great stuff.
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Chris Courtenay Edit

I am always happy to see some fresh new footage from Aussie Chris Courtenay. He teamed up with Greg Phillips the other day at skatepark and filmed this, maybe a little more chilled edit that we are used from Courtenay, but still features some really solid stuff. It’s great seeing park riders also getting some street moves in. Enjoy.
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Alex Hiam & Chris Courtenay – To Byron And Back

Colony riders Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay recently spent fourteen days on the road with Sony, promoting their all new Xperia phone. While on the “To Byron And Back” trip, they stopped at various skateparks and managed to film some crazy wild tricks. If you like watching good skatepark riding, then this one is definitely for you.
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Colony Premise 2013 Complete Bike Promo

Colony’s all new Premise 2013 complete bike is now available worldwide. Before buying it, get a closer look at it in the promo above and watch Mick Bayzand, Marnold, Jourdan Barba, Chris Courtenay, Alex Hiam, Tom Stretton, Cooper Brownlee, Nuke, Pete Radivo and Liam Zingbergs getting some rad stuff done.
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To Byron & Back – Sony Xperia Tour Day 1, 2 & 3

Here are some highlights from the first, second and third day of Sony Xperia’s To Byron & Back tour, where they took Colony’s Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay, joining the rest, to have some fun and of course to hit some riding spots. On the first day (above) they went caving at Jenolan Caves and later hit the Lithgow Skate Park for a session and on the second day the crew went to Blue Mountains for a climbing challenge and spent some time at the Bathurst skatepark. The third day was all about shredding the Dubbo skatepark.

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The Byron & Back Tour

Sony Australia is sending Colony’s Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay on a pretty cool road trip with two skaters, starting tomorrow. You can follow all the updates from the road trip here.

Colony In The UK

Back in early September Colony riders Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay and Clint Millar made a trip to the UK for nine days, where they met up with their UK riders Liam Vance and Sam Davies-Bate, traveled around the country, visited shops and different spots. While on the road they managed to film all bunch of quality stuff and now put the footage in one piece.
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Colony California Web Video

During Colony’s California trip they spent some time with The Come Up guys. They his a few skateparks and this amazing edit was made. Featuring Chris Courtenay, Alex Hiam, Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd, Ryan Guettler, Clint Millar, Cooper Brownlee, Jourdan Barba, Bobbie Altiser and special guest clip from Nate Richter. I need to mention that the guy who stood out was definitely young Alex, kid is to good.
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Colony Inception 2013 Complete Bike Promo

Colony made a promotional edit for their 2013 Inception complete bike that is now available worldwide. Get all the details and specifications along with some good riding clips from Mick Bayzand, Dean Anderson, Cooper Brownlee, Marnold, Clint Millar, Nuke, Chris Courtenay and Alex Hiam.
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1 Session With Chris Courtenay

Chris Courtenay having a session at the The Shed skatepark in Melbourne, Australia. Only a minute and a half, but it features some serious shredding. The vander to hang 5 to footjam was awesome.
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