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Colony – Chris Courtenay

Chris Courtenay has been working for this new Colony edit over the past few months around south east Queensland, Australia including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. So much big and tech stuff that you don’t wanna miss.
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Colony UK Tour

Colony is sending Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay, Cooper Brownlee, Clint Millar, Anton McGurk, Sam Daves-Bate and Liam Vance on a tour around England, starting August 31st till September 4th. They will made several stops, more above.

Day With Colony Team In California

“Colony BMX teammates Clint Millar, Ryan Guettler, Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Tom Stretton, Bobbie Altiser, Peta Shepherd and Jourdan Barba bring us along to spend the day with them as they hit up two parks and a street spot. Eight outstanding BMXers all riding together always makes for a progressive session, and this session proved to be just that. Ride along with some of Colony BMX’s best in this Day With.”Alli
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Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay & Chance Brejnakowski At Gc Compound

A really sweet and fun quick new edit featuring Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay and Chance Brejnakowski riding the spine at the GC Compound due to a rainy day. All three got pretty technical. Loving the nose bonk 360 tuck.
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Calling The Shots With Colony Team

Crooked World took an opportunity to film a calling the shots edit with Colony’s entire team, including Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay, Jourdan Barba, Bobbie Altiser, Cooper Brownlee, Alex Hiam, Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd and Clint Millar.
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Chris Courtenay Bike Check

Chris Courtenay put together a fresh new 2013 Colony Teddy frame with all the Colony parts. Check out some closeup photos and parts he is riding on this link.

Chris Courtenay Interview

Colony did a quick interview with their rider Chris Courtenay about the last movie he watched, best musician at the moment, last crash, websites he is hitting the most and more.

Chris Courtenay & Matt Whyatt GoPro Edit

Want to see some park madness? Watch two of Australia’s greatest park riders, Chris Courtenay and Matt Whyatt, riding the cement park in Brisbane.
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Chris Courtenay Colony Wallpaper

Colony used this photo of Chris Courtenay doing a 360 table at Browns Plains park in Brisbane in one of their print ads in RideBMX but now, you can use it on your desktop.

Chris Courtenay Colony Ad

Colony’s latest ad, that was featured in the RideBMX, featuring Chris Courtenay with a 360 table at the Browns Plains park in Brisbane, promoting his signature CC sprocket. Check it in full size after the jump.
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