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Fly Bikes Coastin – Behind The Scenes

Do you still remember the amazing three part Coastin video series from Fly Bikes? If you don’t, watch part one, two and three now, because it is ridiculously good. Now they dropped thirteen and a half minutes of behind the scenes which are as good as the original videos. Featuring Stefan Lantschner, Ruben Alcantara, Devon Smillie, Matt Roe, Kevin Kalkoff, Chris Finnigan and Courage Adams.

Primary Threads – Chris Finnigan Edit

Primary Threads – Chris Finnigan from Primary Threads on Vimeo.

Chris Finnigan hitting the streets for his new Primary Threads web edit and pulling all bunch of smooth and clean stunts, for your viewing pleasure. I really wished this was longer, but I guess we need to be satisfied with this and wait till something new drops.
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Fly Bikes Coastin Part 2

The second part of the amazing three part web series from Fly Bikes, called Coastin, just dropped and it is as amazing as the first one. Stefan Lantschner, Ruben Alcantara, Devon Smillie, Matt Roe, Kevin Kalkoff, Chris Finnigan and Courage Adams all came out with plenty of awesome stuff. The whole DIY idea is so sick. Enjoy.
Seen on TCU.
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Fly Bikes Coastin Part 1

The first part of three parts web series from Fly Bikes, called “Coastin” dropped and if you know anything about this brand and the riders that are featured in the project, you know it’s going to be good stuff only. Ruben Alcantara, Sergio Layos, Matt Roe, Devon Smillie, Chris Finnigan, Kevin Kalkoff, Stefan Lantschner and Courage Adams are the riders featured in it, filmed and edited by Lee Turner. Simply amazing. Seen on TCU.
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Fly Bikes – Chris Finnigan 2013 Edit

Really dope new exclusive Chris Finnigan piece for Fly Bikes. Filming, editing and of course riding are all on a really high level and Chris came out with a few moves that will made you excited. I really liked the double peg grind to one-footed tabletop. Filmed and edited by Lee Turner.
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Primary Threads – Renald McQueen And Chris Finnigan Flat Rail Session

Renald McQueen and Chris Finnigan threw an under-the-lights session down on a new flat rail at their local skatepark for their sponsor Primary Threads. A short piece, but expect some damn good moves in it.
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Chris Finnigan Bike Check

Fly Bikes has a bike check up on their web site, with their Australian connection, Chris Finnigan. There are some nice shots of the bike, parts list, a look at his clothes and a few word from Chris about his bike.

Chris Finnigan Primary Threads Ad

Primary Threads’ latest print ad that you can find in the latest issue of the Focalpoint magazine, which is, by the way, already up on the web, for all the world to see it, featuring Chris Finnigan.

An Hour At City Park W/ Chris Finnigan

Ian from Strictly BMX just sent over an edit he filmed about five months ago, on a cold winter day at the City skatepark in Melbourne, Australia, with Chris Finnigan while filming for the bike check and promo they released back then. Now decided to not throw clips away and put them together in this short edit.
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Quintin – Chris Finnigan

Chris Finnigan with a very sweet and chill edit, including some really clean moves and a clip that really made me laugh (sorry) for his sponsor Quintin. I am sure you will love this one. Enjoy.
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