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Apple Valley Skatepark Fall 2012

Vein BMX presents you an edit that was filmed over the past few weeks at the Apple Valley Skatepark with Corey Furmage, Chris Furmage, Mike Guilmette, Patrick Phillips, Marco Palacios, Alex Mayer, Austin Allen, Scott Knatt and John Estela.

Vein BMX – Corey Furmage & Special Guest Chris Furmage

This is the leftover footage from Corey Furmage and his brother Chris Furmage, shot while filming for their The Hunt part. Corey has such an unique style of riding, full of front brake stuff and has one of the best backwards hang 5 combos out there. Check these two out, doing it for Vein BMX.
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The Hunt 2012 – Chris Furmage & Corey Furmage

Chris Furmage and Corey Furmage both have such an original and unique style of riding, very enjoyable to watch, so check out their The Hunt 2012 part, that didn’t make it in the next round.

“Chris Furmage & Corey Furmage’s full video part that they put together for The Hunt BMX Gold Rush 2012 Contest. They put in many hours of riding & filming over the course of many months for this contest. Unfortunately, their part wasn’t even chosen to be in the semi-finals. They discussed on what to do with their footage. Either use all of the clips separately for different projects, or keep it as a full part. They decided to upload their full part for the world to see. Even though their part didn’t get chosen, they are both super stoked on how it came out & happy to share it with you all. Enjoy!”– Corey Furmage

Furm Life – Memorial Day Park Session

Alex Satel, Chris Furmage, Corey Furmage, Logan Scroggins throwing down some original moves at the Apple Valley skatepark on the Memorial Day.
“My brother & I decided to ride the skate park for a few hours before dark on Memorial Day. A few friends happened to be there as well. Decided to do some filming & make a little Memorial Day Park Edit.”– Corey Furmage