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The Manna Machine Mixtape

Larry Alvarado and The Manna Machine came out with a ridiculously good “Pure Energy” mixtape, that include for 24 minutes of amazing footage from riders like Raul Ruiz, Jesse Whaley, Eddie Hernandez, Chris Gille, Chris Brown and many many more. If you are chilling home, you definitely need to check this one out, especially if you are just in time to go riding.
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High Desert To Long Beach

“It doesn’t get much better than cruising the streets with your pals. This is a bunch of stuff I shot while riding with various peeps in various places. From Arizona and the High Desert of California, to Riverside, Santa Ana, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. Riding from Jake Muras, Bobby Kanode, Eric Bahlman, Dave McDermott, Jake Ortiz, Matty Long, Chris Gille and many other homies, additional filming by Jeff Z.”– Zach Krejmas, Ride
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Long Beach Street Mix

Zach Krejmas filmed with his camera some really good riding around Long Beach, California with Dan Norvell, Kevin Porter, Tony Neyer, Drew York, Travis Kiesow, Chris Gille and many more. Seen on Ride.
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The Hunt – Chris Gille Teaser

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“So much rage in this teaser- I love it. Chris Gille goes hard around the Inland Empire putting his pegs and barspins to work. Some awesome spots and some amazing riding to match. Can’t wait to see this full part, it’s going to be nuts. In the meantime this is what they sent us as a little preview…”The Hunt

Chris Gille Skavenger Edit

Tons of grinds and nose tricks from Chris Gille in his new video made for Skavenger. Seeing a fly on one clip was really funny. Good job!