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Chris Whyte Division Brand Ad

Division Brand’s latest ad featuring their Sydney, Australia based rider, Chris Whyte, with a dope ledge ride, to promote the Formosa forks. Ad was shot on their recent filming trip they took.

Division Brand – Worldwide Mix #3

Another amazing Worldwide Mix from Division Brand guys, that was filmed all over the worlds, Australia, United Kingdom and Russia. Riding from Daniel Johnson, Mitchell McDonald, Chris Whyte, Frenchie, Ivan Nikolaev, Keahny Doyle, James Heyes, Jeremie Infelise, Trent McDaniel, Rhys Gogel, Anton Ayres and Caraig Troy.
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Chris Whyte Welcome To Division Brand

Chris Whyte has been filming this welcome to Division Brand over the past couple of months. It is now finished and ready to watch and all I can say is that is damn good and you must definitely not miss it. First hop over a rail and last over crank arm slide and opposite over crank arms slide are sick.
When you are done watching, head over to the Division Brand site, to check out their limited edition T-shirt, that is available exclusively through their web store.
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Jack Elkins At Waterloo

While having a session at the Waterloo concrete skatepark, Jack Elkins teamed up with Chris Whyte and filmed a few clips for this quick new edit. Jack likes going tech and this edit is all about technical moves, especially the last one.
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Division Brand – Worldwide Mix #1

Division Brand wanted to drop an edit where all of their riders from around the world will be involved. They started this Worldwide Mix series, where everyone will have at least one clip. Guys killed it and the last up double peg to wall to 180 from Ivan Nikolaev was amazing.
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Jack Elkins X 2020

Jack Elkins spent some time in Sydney, Australia a few months back and during that time, he met up with Chris Whyte to get some riding and filming done. They spent four days searching some amazing street spots, where Jack managed to film some solid clips for this 2020 Magazine edit. Bar high hop barspin, big drop nollie barspin and some other stylish moves.
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Chris Whyte Bike Check

Chris Whyte is filming hard right now for his welcome to Division Brand edit, so before the bike gets more destroyed, he wanted to show it to you guys. Click here and check his whip out.

Chris Whyte On Division Brand

Guys over at the Division Brand are stoked to be announcing that Chris Whyte from Sydney, Australia is their new team rider. Like they are saying, Chris is progressing like crazy, so expect plenty of good stuff from this guy in the future. In the mean time check three photos of him in action on Division, shot by Lachlan Hicks.

Macquarie Mixtape

Macquarie Mixtape from Chris Whyte on Vimeo.

Plenty of good moves from Dayvis Heyne, Tommy Lloyd, Corey Hahn, Lee Cruickshank, Danger and Nick Weir pulled at the Macquarie Fields plaza in Sydney, filmed by Chris Whyte.