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Markit Denim Winter Promo

Markit crew came out with another banger web video to promote their 2014 winter products. Riders that are featured in the video are Christian Rigal, Dennis Enarson, Rob Wise, Connor Lodes, Chad Kerley, Geoff Slattery, Mike Jonas and Ronnie Napolitan. Hit play and enjoy this 10 minutes long vid, it is a sick one.
Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Christian Rigal Demolition Wallpaper

Are you looking for a new wallpaper to freshen up your desktop background? The looking and searching has ended, here is a fresh new Demolition wallpaper for all you guys out there featuring Christian Rigal.

Markit Zero Promo

I simply don’t know where to start with this one, because it is so mind blowing, you head will fall off. Markit released an eight minutes long promotional video for the Markit Zero DVD, that will be officially premiered at Texas Toast on October 20th. With riding from Chad Kerley, Connor Lodes, Christian Rigal, Dennis Enarson, Geoff Slattery, Mike Jonas, Rob Wise and Ronnie Napolitan, this will take you to the other side. I won’t even start naming all the highlights in here, because there are too many. Just start pressing the play button above and enjoy watching this ridiculously good “leftovers” web video. I can not even imagine what the final product will be all about, if this is already so damn good. Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Mongoose Jam 2013 – Street Finals

Mongoose Jam 2013: Street Finals – More BMX Videos

Finally, the street finals highlights from the Mongoose Jam 2013 are here and they are much better than expected. Riders like Ben Lewis, Chad Kerley, Kevin Peraza, Jeremiah Smith, Paul Ryan and many many more went completely insane with their riding. So much really hard lines and moves. Start pressing the play button above and get amazed.
Find the results from the final contest of the event after the jump.
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Christian Rigal Bike Check

Christian Rigal built himself a fresh new whip, that consists of his signature United frame and bars and other Demolition parts. Make your way over to their web site to check out his dialed whip, parts list and one photo sequence shot by Chris Martinez.

United – Christian Rigal 2013 Edit

United’s Christian Rigal is back in the game after his injury and already pulling insane stuff to celebrate the release of his signature United Rigal frame and handlebar. If you think you are good with rail, Christian will beat you, because this guy is bringing grinds to the next level, both regular and opposite. Every time I see something new from him he surprises me with the skills and the balls he has. No fear at all. Hit play up there and enjoy this one hell of a “welcome back/frame promo” web video. Solid.

Christian’s frame is available in four different sizes, 20.6, 20.85, 21 and 21.25 inch top tube, features a 13.5 slammed chain stay, 75° heat tube angle, 71°seat tube angle and an 8.8 inch standover height. It is available in pearl black, gloss red and smoked chrome and weights 5.1 lbs.
His signature handlebars are 8.75 inch tall and 30 inch wide with a 10°back sweep and 2.5° up sweep. They weight in 1.98 lbs and also come in pearl black, gloss red and smoked chrome.
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Christian Rigal Signature United Frame Launch Jam

On June 29th, there will be a jam over at the East County BMX to officially launch Christian Rigal’s signature United frame. You know where you will be on Saturday that day now, if you live somewhere around the San Diego area.

Markit – Geoff Slattery Edit

I am always down for some brand new stuff from Geoff Slattery. For his new Markit web edit, filmed over the past coupel of motnhs, he hit up some of his local skateparks on the East coast and some skateparks he has never been before on the West coast. Cruising around, boosting airs and transfers and showing some amazing control is what this is all about. Guest clips by Ronnie Napolitan. Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Demolition Dumbchuck Peg Promo

Demolition threw together this promotional video for their new Dumbchuck plastic pegs. Hear it from Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Jason Enns, Christian Rigal and Connor Lodes personally, why they switched to plastic pedals, why they like these and also watch these dudes put the pegs to some proper use.
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Demolition “Last Chance” – Connor Lodes And Christian Rigal Part

Demolition is back with another section from their Last Chance DVD. For this month they dropped Connor Lodes’ and Christian Rigal’s split section. Even if you already saw this one, but especially if you haven’t you need to watch it now. Connor and Chris put a lot of work into filming and the final product is simply amazing.
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