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Mutiny Cinch 22mm Cranks Sneak Peek

Mutiny dropped a sneak peek to show you the 22mm version of the Cinch crank they are currently working on. They added the investment cast spindle boss that will help improve junction between arm and spindle boss. They also made the arms a little bit fatter, what makes them much stronger and perfect for those popular crank arm grinds. You can find more details up on Mutiny site.

Mutiny Cinch Cranks & Octad Sprocket Out Now

Mutiny has two new products available now. The Cinch cranks and the spline driver Octad sprocket. Contact your local shot or your favorite mail order to get these.

Mutiny Cinch Cranks & Octad Sprocket Available Now

Mutiny Bikes’ all new Cinch cranks and Octad sprocket are available now. Cranks are two piece and the sprocket features spline drive system, so you wont be needing bolt anymore.

Mutiny Cinch Cranks & Octad Spline Drive Sprocket

Mutiny dropped another sneak peek. This time it’s about their upcoming (should bi out at the end of this year) Cinch cranks and Octad spline drive sprocket. As you can see on the picture, cranks will be without sprocket bolt bosses.