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Cinema X United Giveaway Promo Feat. Nathan Williams

Cinema and United teamed up to host this amazing giveaway where you can win this exact bike setup that Nathan Williams is shredding the promo above. Their goal was to put together a bike that can be compared to their team’s custom rides, so it definitely is worth giving this giveaway a try. To get more informations how to enter head over to Ride BMX and read all the rules you need to know.
But before you do it, watch Nathan shredding the bike and pulling some solid and smooth stunts.
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Dakota Roche Cinema Ad

Cinema’s latest print ad featuring Dakota Roche with a dope euro table out of this sick rustic sculpture to promote the VX” RHD and LHD cassette hub.

Sean Sexton Off Cinema, Now Full Odyssey

Sean Sexton has been on the Cinema team since 2010 and has now decided to move on from the company and get full Odyssey sponsorship.
“Losing team riders is never easy, especially when it’s a guy like Sean Sexton. Sean was one of the OG Cinema team riders when the team formed in 2010 and has kept us laughing and smiling on every trip since then. His powerhouse riding style combined with his witty jokes makes him really fun to travel with and he will be missed by the Cinema crew. Sean was offered a nice opportunity to ride all Odyssey parts, which means he will no longer be running Cinema Wheels. Best of luck to Sean and Odyssey on their future endeavors.” — Will Stroud, Cinema TM and filmer

“Sean has been on Odyssey flow since 2006 and Odyssey pro since 2010, but we’ve been “sharing” him with our friends at Cinema Wheel Co. Sean is awesome and naturally we want to do more with him, so we decided to step it up and make him full-Odyssey, so now he’s on our wheels, too. Well, if you want to get technical, Odyssey doesn’t make a freecoaster at the moment, so he’s mostly on our wheels. But, even more good news, we’ve been working on a new freecoaster design for the past six months, and Sean will be on a prototype very shortly. More details soon!”– Walter Pieringer, Odyssey TM

Cinema X Etnies Collab Featuring Nathan Williams And Corey Martinez

Cinema x Etnies Collab featuring Nathan Williams & Corey Martinez from Cinema Wheel Co. on Vimeo.

Cinema and Etnies teamed up to get a collab shoes, apparel and wheels line done and to promote it they flew Nathan Williams and Corey Martinez to California to film clips. Here it is now and it sure is hot. Last nollie to icepick grind down the rail from Williams was a mad move.
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Cinema And Duo’s Cory Muth Chats With Blackout BMX

Blackout BMX caught up with Cinema and Duo’s Cory Mouth to talk about the brands, how it all started, how he met Steve and his hobby. If you know nothing about Cinema and Duo hit play and learn a few things.

Cinema #DownTheMiddleTour Ep. 3 – Athens

The third episode of Cinema and Monster Energy’s #DownTheMiddleTour is the final stop of the tour, that happened in Athens, Greece. Dakota Roche, Dan Lacey and Nathan Williams destroyed the amazing street spots and did one hell of a show for the Plane Bikes. Three amazing riders all together… no doubt this is amazing. Enjoy.
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Cinema #DownTheMiddleTour Ep. 2 – Budapest

For the second stop of the #DownTheMiddleTour Cinema’s and Monster Energy’s Dakota Roche, Dan Lacey and Nathan Williams picked Budapest, Hungary. Ed Zunda and David Budko were two of many riders who joined them on a cruise around the city, to shred street spots. They also did some signing and gave away free promo material at the Velvart shop. Oh, and there is one insane move in here from Zunda. Well, I will ruin it for you, cause I need to write it down, up double peg grind to hard truck driver out… just sick.
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Cinema #DownTheMiddleTour Ep. 1 – Copenhagen

Cinema and Monster Energy teamed up and sent Dakota Roche, Dan Lacey and Nathan Williams on a #DownTheMiddleTour visiting places around Europe. The first stop was Copenhagen and here is what they managed to film. With these three you know only good things happened, so hit play and enjoy.
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Chad Kerley Cinema Ad

This is Chad Kerley’s first ever Cinema print ad that you can find in the 96th issue of the Dig magazine. Chad with a big 180 over a rail to half cab tailwhip to promote Cinema’s VX front hub.

Cinema X Monster Energy At Velvart

On September 6th Cinema and Monster Energy riders Dakota Roche, Dan Lacey and Nathan Williams made a stop at the Velvart shop in Budapest as part of their Down The Middle Tour and here is a video from the crew signing posters, giving away some free stuff and also hitting this spot for a session.
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