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Circuit BMX – Trail Rule Trip 2013

Back in July of 2013 Circuit BMX made a trip to the east side, hitting Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey trails. The come back with plenty of awesome clips and now dropping this great “Trail Rule Trip 2013” video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the dirt.

Merritt Spots And Shops

Merritt crew, Brandon Begin, Mike Brennan, Brad Simms, Justin Care, Brian Foster and Pauly Barnum, made a short trip through New England visiting The Daily Grind, Circuit BMX, Maul’s Bike Shop and Tony’s Bikes and Sports and several street spots in between. If you ask me, I didn’t really expect this one to include so many bangers. The 180 to double peg to fakie downside tailwhip (or how to call that) was unreal.
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Animal Bikes New England Shop Chowda

Tomorrow, June 6th, 2013, Animal Bikes is sending a few of their team riders on a New England shop stop trip for three days of good times, visiting The Daily Grind in Connecticut, Eastern Boarder and Maul’s Bike Shop in Massachusetts and Circuit BMX in Rhode Island. Stop by if you live somewhere near.
If already talking about Animal, their all new Big Script sweatshirts are available now.

Animal Shop Spotlight – Circuit BMX

Animal Bikes dropped a new article in their Shop Spotlight section, this time with Circuit BMX shop, that is located in Pawtucked, Rhode Island. Find out a little more about the shop, how the idea for the shop came to be, who owns it and who works there, future plans and more, on their page.

2012 Circuit BMX Mix Edit

A pretty sweet mixtape edit (not really 6:42 long, but 5:20) of Matt Stravato, Domingo and Derek Klegraefe doing it for Circuit BMX, including some old and new footage.