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Kink – Clement Carpentier 2012

Don’t think if an edit is almost seven minutes long it won’t be good, because you will be wrong, especially if the guy who is riding in it is named Clement Carepntier. This French Kink rider through Unleaded Distribution is hitting it hard all the time, from rails to gaps to some creative moves. Clement killed all those street spots. Must see.
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New Soul BMX Cover, Issue 78

Here is the first look at the 78th issue of the French magazine, Soul BMX, that will be available in France tomorrow, featuring Clement Carpentier. It is the holidays months, so each copy of the magazine will include twenty stickers. If you are a big fan of stickers, tomorrow will be your lucky day.

Clement Carpentier Kink Ad

This is the latest print ad from the French Kink rider through Unleaded, Clement Carpentier, getting this half cab hop on a roof to drop done to promote Darryl Tocco’s signature frame, version two.

Data Clothing – Lost Tape

Data Clothing almost lost this footage of Anthony Perrin, Theo Zannettacci, Mathieu Peladan, Flo Montanari and Clement Carpentier, but luckily they found it. You will be seeing some amazing, clean and very well filmed street riding from these five French guys.
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Clement Carpentier Foundation Ad

Clement Carpentier pulling an ice pick grind on this rail to promote Foundation’s Syndicate cranks and Molotov pegs for their latest print ad, that is featured in the Soul magazine.

Clement Carpentier At Le Havre Skatepark

Unleaded, Kink, Foundation and Etnies rider Clement Carpentier filmed a brand new edit at Le Havre concrete skatepark with Aurele Lavalle. Clement has a very unique style of riding, very enjoyable to watch. Watch out for that last clip.
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Clement Carpentier Bike Check

Pef from Unleaded just sent through Clement Carpentier’s current whip for you to check. It features Kink and Foundation parts and some of these are prototype so you sure wanna take a peek at them.

Sosh Urban Motion – C. Carpentier X F. Delahaye

The first edit for the Sosh Urban Motion video contest is here. Florent Delahaye spent the whole weekend with Clement Carpentier to film the best edit using a smart phone. When all the edits will be finished (6 teams, 6 edits), judges will pick the best one. No lets get to the edit, it features some amazing grind moves that are a must see. Clement killed it.
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Foundation – Clement Carpentier

This is Clement Carpentier’s aka Clem’s new edit fro Foundation filmed on the streets somewhere in France. Even if there is still snowy outside, Clement won’t stop and will pull some amazing stuff.
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Fun Sesh At Abbeville’s Skatepark

Fun sesh at Abbeville’s Skatepark from clement carpentier on Vimeo.

During the winter time Fabien Dulong, Romain Bussereau, Clement Carpentier, Thomas Lenoir, Kevien Demesteer and Camille Levasseur got together and threw down a few sessions at the Abbeville skatepark and this is what they managed to film. Looks like lot of fun.
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