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Coppin’ It Sweet – Clint Millar Section

Clint Millar’s COPPIN” IT SWEET DVD PART from Stewart Munro on Vimeo.

Coppin’ It Sweet is a full length video from Australia based filmer Stewart Munro and this the Clint Millar section he put on the world wide web for your viewing pleasure. Everyone one knows the legend Clint and everyone know how much skills he has. And How technical he can get to be exact.
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Colony – Clint Millar’s 39th Birthday Session

Clint Millar – 39th Birthday session from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

At 39, Colony’s Clint Millar is still killing it really hard and is going as technical as possible. This was filmed on his 39th birthday by Glen McLaughlin in his backyard ramp setup. Pretty much every BMX-er’s dream is to be able to ride his bike as long as possible and Clint is doing it awesome.
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Mike Brennan On Colony

After parting ways with Wethepeople a few months ago, Mike Brennan has been without frame sponsor and look at the news today, he joined the Australian based company, Colony.
“We are stoked to announce the one of New Jersey’s finest, Mike Brennan is now riding for Colony. I’ve known Mike for a little while now and everytime we could talk I could tell more and more that he was one the same page as us and things just fell into place from there. Next minute we are sending some products and the rest is history. I look forward to hanging out with Mike some more and collecting footage for future Colony project because we all know he goes hard!”– Cooper Brownlee
“A few months back Cooper had told me that Mike had expressed interest and good words about what we have going on at Colony. I was stoked to hear this for sure. It wasn’t until a few months later that we had the chance to meet up at Interbike and right away from that first meeting, I knew this was going to happen. Mike is a down to earth guy with the right out look on BMX and life in general. I am stoked to have him a part of the family and I look forward to the years ahead.”– Clint Millar

Clint Millar At Jump Festival Brazil 2013

On the recent Colony Brazil trip the crew visited Jump Festival 2013 event, where they had this fun mini ramp/spine setup to ride. Devanir Teixeira took out his camera and captured some rad riding from Clint Millar on his camera for your viewing pleasure. The older Clint is getting the crazier his riding is.
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Coppin’ It Sweet DVD Premier

If you saw the trailer already (if you didn’t, watch it below), you know “Coppin’ It Sweet” DVD is the newest product from Australian filmer Stewart Munro. Find all that you need to know about the premier above.
Video will be featuring Raphale Jermoa-Williams, Jerry Vandervalk, Mitchell McDonald, Marc Arnold, Calvin Kosovich and Clint Millar plus guests Rob Wise, Alex Hiam, Kym Grosser and others.

Coppin’ It Sweet DVD – Raw Clint Millar Clip

Coppin’ It Sweet DVD is the latest product from Australian based filmer Stewart Munro and this is a raw clip from Clint Millar who still knows how to use that front wheel in a proper way. Around 20 seconds long run of Clint at this concrete mini ramp/spine setup will definitely make you wanna get some front wheel stuff done (even if you don’t have the front brake).
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Coppin’ It Sweet DVD Trailer

Coppin’ It Sweet is the newest work from Australian filmer Stewart Munro and this is the official trailer to show you what the video will be all about. It has been filmed all around the world and will feature riding from Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Jerry Vandervalk, Mitchell McDonald, Marc Arnold, Calvin Kosovich and Colony’s founder Clint Millar along with friends.
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Colony Brand – Follow The Lines Tour

Colony is happy to announce that they are going on a Follow The Lines filming and hanging out tour, starting next week. 10 riders will go on the road hitting various stores around Australia, trails spots, streets and skatepark.
Riders are: Mick Bayzand, Chris Courtenay, Marnold, Tom Stretton, Brandon Van Dulken, Jourdan Barba, Jack Kelly, Cooper Brownlee, Zac Miner and Clint Millar.
All the destinations they will be hitting can be found above.

Colony DVD – Clint Millar And Pete Radivo Section

Colony is back with a new section from their DVD from back in 2011 featuring Clint Millar and Pete Radivo. Both going really technical at skateparks along with Millar clearing some big and scary rails. Filmed and edited by Stu Munro. Pretty much a must see section guys.
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Everyday Is A Saturday Part 3.7

2020 Magazine is back with another edit from Troy Charlesworth’s Everyday Is A Saturday video, featuring riding from Jayden Roxburgh, Brock Olive, Polly, Clint Millar, Tom Stretton, Jonny Wakefield, Dave Dillewaard, Jamie Mauri, Sam Illman, Jay Wilson, Troy Jackson, Flagz and Mitchel Macdonald. Enjoy in some Aussie action.
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