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Best Of Dew Tour Ocean City 2013

The best moments from the Dew Tour that took place in Ocean City, Maryland. All four contests are included in here, vert, skatepark, flat and street and features riding from Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Coco Zurita, Harry Main, Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Matthias Dandois, Sean Sexton, Chad Kerley, Dan Lacey and more.
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Dew Tour Ocean City – Day Two Practice Video

Video highlights from the day two of practice at the Dew Tour Ocean City featuring riding from Pat Casey, Coco Zurita, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Jamie Bestwick, Chad Kerley, Simon Tabron, Glenn Salyers and many more. Footage from vert and more footage from the skatepark. The contests are going to be really serious.
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Dew Tour Ocean City Vert First Look With Coco Zurita

For now this is the first clip from the vert course at the Dew Tour Ocean City in Maryland, right? Follow Coco Zurita warming and getting used to the vert ramp during the practice time and of course get a good look at this beast.
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Headrush – Coco Zurita 2013 Edit

If you are a style guy (or girl) and you like boosting massive airs, doing moto whips, turndowns and other stuff like that, this new Coco Zurita Headrush 2013 web edit is something you will enjoy watching.
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Vans BMX Adventurcations – Guam

Vans crew, Gary Young, Alistair Whitton, Michael Steingraber, Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita and Ryan Guettler took a trip to Guam to hit local skateparks, to get a demo done at the US Navy base, some snorkeling, swimming and just to enjoy the amazing and warm weather.
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Vans At 2013 X Games Barcelona

Dominik Wrobel or globally known as Woozy put together this video from the 2013 X Games Barcelona, featuring the Vans riders who were ripping all courses, vert, skatepark, street and big air. Watch some action from Coco Zurita, Gary Young, Dan Lacey, Bas Keep, Bruno Hoffmann, Matthias Dandois and more.
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Vans At X Games Barcelona

More BMX Videos
A lot of Vans riders were competing at the X Games Barcelona this past weekend and here is a recap showing you what went down. Featuring Coco Zurita, Gary Young (1st in park), Bruno Hoffmann (2nd in street), Dan Lacey, Bas Keep, Daniel Sandoval, Matthias Dandois and more.
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Coco Zurita In Barcelona Interview

Red Bull caught up with Chile’s Francisco “Coco” Zurita during a private vert session in Vista, California to talk about his addition to Red Bull, getting silver at X Games Brazil, X games Barcelona, his preparation for big contests and much more.

X Games Brazil Results

After the jump you can check the results from the X Games Brazil and above you can watch Kyle Baldock’s winning park run. Kyle not only won park, he also dominated dirt. And Jamie Bestwick once again showed who is the best in the world when it comes to vert riding.
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San Pedro Con Pedro

There are two things that are freaking awesome about this fresh new web edit of Bo Wade. First one is the smooth and stylish flatland riding from Bo and the second is the pitbull, who’s name is Dakinasaur. You must for sure check this one out. Filmed by Coco Zurita.
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