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Ehwey BMX Magazine Issue 4 Now Online

The forth issue of the Ehwey BMX Magazine is now online for you to check out. I know all this is in Spanish, but there are still some awesome shots in here from the Red Bull Ramparanoia, Coco Zurita, Lima Scutella and girl rider Allison Lopez.
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A Day With Coco Zurita

Spent a day with Coco Zurita at his hometown of Santiago, Chile, while he cruises around the city, feeds birds, hits some street spots (yep, you will be seeing Coco riding street), heads to local skatepark, gets and interview done and ends the day with picking up some fresh gear from Oakley.
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Coco Zurita On Red Bull

Due to Coco Zurita’s Tweet a few days ago, he has now officially joined the Red Bull team. When there will be more news on this, we will be here for you to inform you with everything.

How To Moto Whip With Coco Zurita

Riders nowadays go insane with tricks, pulling crazy wild combos, or getting insane and really technical, but for Coco Zurita a proper moto whip is still the best trick. Watch this guy, who will help you master the tricks on a quarter pipe, above for this new installment in Alli Sports’ “Step By Step” series. Definitely a fun trick, but try not twisting your body to much.
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Best Of Mega Ramp 2.0 In Santiago, Chile

Here is a compilation of the best clips from the Mega Ramp 2.0 contest that took place in Santiago, Chile featuring Coco Zurita, Steve McCann, Vince Byron, Zack Warden and Colton Satterfield. Colton really shut down the place.
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Jamie Bestwick And Simon Tabron Calling The Shots

This is awesome. BMX legends Jamie Bestwick and Simon Tabron got together for this kinda oldschool vert calling the shots session. You will see these two pulling tricks that they usually don’t, and there is also Coco Zurita judging the best invert.
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Out Of The Darkness Ft. Coco Zurita

When Woodward West shuts down and the lights are off, it is time for Coco Zurita to emerge from the darkness. Watch Coco flying ridiculously high out of the vert ramp with so much style. Filmed and edited by Dylan Pfohl.
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Vans At LXVI Invitational

“The Vans BMX and crew kept their East Coast trip going strong by heading down from Ocean City to the East Coast Surfing Championships in virginia Beach for a Vans BMX Invitational right on the sand. With three box jump hits and plenty of transfers to keep things interesting, The BMX crew gave the crowd a great show with riders from all over the world. Rookie Pro Dan Sandoval walked away with five thousand smackers as the top prize with his double whips and huge laid-out front flips. It was TJ Ellis and Pat Casey rounding out the podium of for the jump contest meanwhile, Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita and Simon Tabron were shredding a vert demo with the skate team and getting loose in the gusty wind.”Vans
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Vans Team At Dew Tour Ocean City

Watch Vans rider shredding vert and park at this past weekend’s Dew Tour in Ocean City. Featuring Coco Zurita, Simon Tabron, Ryan Guettler, Scotty Cranmer, Andy Buckworth, Gary Young, Rob Darden, Daniel Sandoval, Diogo Canina, Pat Casey and Kyle Baldock.
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Pull-In US Team – Holidays At Woodward

An absolutely amazing edit, filmed and edited by JC Pieri, from the Pull-In US team’s Woodward West holidays, featuring Kris Fox, Broc Raiford, Coco Zurita and Kevin Peraza. Kris killing it with his super smooth style, Broc with tech nose manual moves, Coco with huge vert and mega ramp airs and Kevin with wild tricks and combos. Must see.
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