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Vans Team At X Games 18

Here are highlights from Vans team riding street, park and vert at the X Games 18. Featuring Scotty Cranmer, Dakota Roche, Pat Casey, Bas Keep, Kyle Baldock, Coco Zurita, Chase Hawk, Gary Young, Sean Sexton, Dennis McCoy and Simon Tabron.
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247TV – Coco Zurita Session

COCO ZURITA SESSION 247TV from 247TV on Vimeo.

Don’t understand a word what Coco Zurita is saying in the above edit, but like Google is translating he tells you the plans for 2012. In between the interview he shredds this sick bowl with one of his friends.
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Vans Video Vault – Coco Zurita In Chile

Vans Video Vault: Coco Zurita in Chile – More BMX Videos

Watch the above video featuring Vans rider Coco Zurita who shears some thoughts about Chile and the BMX scene over there. Seen on Vital.
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Woodward West Mix Edit

Ride BMX’s Monday edit is a mic Woodwars West edit featuring Coco Zurita, John Andrus, Cory Nastazio, Jason Lopez and Ricky Moseley.

Coco Zurita Vert Profile

“Last week, just prior to X Games BMX Vert, we were scheduled to post a profile video with Chilean vert sensation Coco Zurita. Coco, as many of you might know, is the very stylish vert pro that can blast a vert ramp almost better than anyone in the pro vert class right now. His style, for lack of a better description, is that of a vert version of Ruben Alcantara. And yes, it’s awesome to watch.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN.

Haro In Chile

Chile 8mm from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

“Good friend of ours Coco Zurita invited Dennis Enarson and I down to Chile to hang at a local contest in Puerto Natales, from there we flew up to Santiago and stayed with Coco’s family for a week. At the end of the trip Coco and I had a demo for Vans Chile in a mall, with special guest Dennis Enarson. Thanks Justin Kosman for the demo HD clips.”- Colin Mackay, Haro Bikes

Dirt Ron Vs X Games – Carmel Valley Bowl Session

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“We’d been trying to coordinate this session for a while. Dirt Ron is a North County San Diego native and shreds everything in the most unlikely way imaginable. Riding pools and big bowls is on his list of weekly sessions, so when Simon Tabron and Coco Zurita were fresh off a session at Tony Hawk’s ramp, we called ’em over to the massive Carmel Valley Bowl for a meeting of minds. You can’t make this stuff up. Simon and Coco blast the pants off of the deep and end and Ron falls like a wet blanket on a hot tin roof. What? Exactly.”-Justin Kosman

How-To Nac-Nac With “Coco” Zurita

This is Alli Sports step by step with Francisco “Coco” Zurita trying to teach you how to do a stylish trick called nac-nac.