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Haro Team Session At Pat Casey’s

Haro Team Session at Pat Casey’s. from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Haro team riders Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson and Colin Mackay enjoying an afternoon at Casey’s backyard ramp setup in Riverside, California. Who wouldn’t have a setup like this one? This is rad and with a heavy crew like Haro’s is expect to see some solid shredding. Filmed and edited by Justin Kosman.
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Vans Team Heads To Chile To Meet Up With Coco Zurita

Back in October Coco Zurita and Vans Chile invited Colin Mackay, Dennis McCoy and Jerry Badders to Santiago, for a weekend of demo’s. Three stops they made, Betterland School, Vans Royal Side Stripe event and Araucano Park and came back with enough footage to get this web video done. Check out what went down by pressing the play button above.
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Colin Mackay For Haro And Kenda

Colin Mackay is all about having fun on a bike an not about pulling insane tricks and going crazy. So, his new Haro and Kenda web edit is all about that and that’s is what makes the edit so enjoyable. Don’t push yourself too hard, have fun on a bike and tricks will come by themselves.
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Cory’s Corner Episode 2 – Virginia Beach, VA

Here is the second installment in Cory Nastazio’s new web video series called “Cory’s Corner”, where he loaded up the van with a bunch of pros and headed to the trails in Virginia Beach, VA. A super good session went down, including Cory himself, Ryan Nyquist, Zack Warden, Brian Hunt, Allan Cooke, Colin Mackay, Ricky Moseley, Chris Faix and Balls.
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Brock Olive On Premium

Brock Olive will be from now on representing Premium. Read below words from TM Colin Mackay and Brock himself and than check his whip here.
“I’ve been a fan of Brock Olive for a while. His ability to put together really difficult tricks seems effortless. He’s killing it in Australia taking out two major street comps this year, plus two video parts and a bunch of really solid web videos. Brock is a very humble person and he loves to ride a bike. When someone genuinely wants to ride for a company, it’s such a better vibe in the group and it’s a credit to the current Premium team of Dan Foley, Josh Harrington, Sean Ricany, Connor Lodes and Chad Kerley. I’m very excited that Brock has joined us and I look forward to our future endeavors.”– said Colin Mackay
“I am very happy to be riding for Premium Products now. I’ve been digging their product for a while. It’s awesome to be on a team with such amazing riders and to be part of a team with people that I used to grow up watching their video parts and to be able to have Colin as a Team Manager is also one of the biggest reasons I joined. I couldn’t be happier with Premium and what lies ahead in the future. Stoked.”– Brock

Story Behind The Photo – Colin Mackay 360 Can-Can

This is the story behind Colin Mackay’s 360 can-can pulled at Coco Zurita’s dirt jumps, shot by Justin Kosman.
“Colin Mackay ventured down to Santiago, Chile with photographer Justin Kosman to explore some Coco Zurita’s BMX scene. They ended up at the base of the Andes Mountains at a dusty jump and made something happen. Shot on a Canon 1DMK4, ISO 160, 70mm, f.6.3, 1/250th shutter. 3 Einstein flashes triggered with Pocket Wizard Plus remotes on channel 3. Photographer: Justin Kosman, Client: Haro BicyclesE”Crooked World.
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Vans, Haro Pro Camp At The Block

Colin Mackay, Ryan Nyquist, Dan Foley, Cory Nastazio and Ronnie Napolitan at the Vans park in California teaching kids how to fakie, dropin, barspin and more. Kids are getting so damn good lately.
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Colin Mackay – Kenda Tire Check

Colin Mackay is riding for Kenda along with Sean Ricany, Heath Pinter and Josh Harrington. Above is his tires check plus tons of stylish riding in Austin Texas, The Outer Banks of North Carolina, and “The Unit” in Greenville, North Carolina.
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Colin Mackay Virginia X Chile Remix

Colin Mackay’s remix from 2011 when he went on a Vans trip to Chile to visit Coco and a big Virginia trails, park and street session he had in Virginia.
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Vans Orlando BMX Party

Cory Nastazio, Scotty Cranmer, Colin Mackay and Trey Jones (also Dakota Roche and Robbie Morales) are all going to be at the last session at Vans’ Orlando skatepark.