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Colony – Shuhei Max Azuma 10 Clips

Shuhei Max Azuma – 10 Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Colony’s Japan rider, Shuhei Max Azuma, recently filmed 10 clips at his local concrete skatepark for the new installment in the 10 Clips web series from Colony. Shuhei has tons of style and plenty of skills and makes things look smooth and clean.
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Colony – Ryan Guettler Bike Check Flip-Book

Ryan Guettler recently built himself up a fresh new bike setup and it is now ready for you to check it out in the flip-book above that Colony just dropped on their web site.

Colony – Alex Hiam “Throwaway Footage”

This is the footage Colony’s Alex Hiam filmed last year, but unfortunately it isn’t good enough for his web edit they will be dropping. If you ask me, this is proper and some seriously amazing stuff in here and I can’t even imagine how the final product will look like, I only know it will be an insane banger. Young Alex is a super stylish and very skilled rider from Down Under and his bag of tricks in extremely big. Alex Hiam always surprises with mental stuff and this “throwaway footage” edit that was just released online is a good proof. Killer.
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Colony – Tom Stretton And Bobbie Altiser Doubles Edit

While in the USA a few months ago, Colony’s Tom Streetton and Bobbie Altiser came up with a bright idea of filming a doubles edit. Both, Bobbie and Tom can go really technical and they styles of riding fit together just perfectly. This is what you can call a proper doubles edit. Some really impressive stuff in here, so hit play and enjoy.
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Colony – Clint Millar’s 39th Birthday Session

Clint Millar – 39th Birthday session from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

At 39, Colony’s Clint Millar is still killing it really hard and is going as technical as possible. This was filmed on his 39th birthday by Glen McLaughlin in his backyard ramp setup. Pretty much every BMX-er’s dream is to be able to ride his bike as long as possible and Clint is doing it awesome.
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Justin Care On Colony

Justin Care will be from now on Colony’s latest addition to the team from the USA. I have no idea if there will be a welcome to the edit to make it officially or no, but you know we all want to see it.

Colony – Chris Courtenay 2013 Edit

Chris Courtenay 2013 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Chris Courtenay has filmed most of this stuff over the course of three weeks between Sydney and North Queensland, Australia and there are also a few clips in here from his USA trip. Colony’s rider Chris is a park machine and can always surprise with some great moves and this new one of his is another great example. Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee.
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Colony – Brandon Van Dulken 2013

Brandon Van Dulken 2013 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

This new Colony web edit featuring Brandon Van Dulken, that was filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee at spots around Australia, Canada and at Woodward West, has so much goodness in it. From some technical moves to some insane moves, Brandon has them all on lock.
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Chris Courtenay Colony Web Advert

In a few weeks there will be a new Chirs Courtenay web edit out and to tease you all a little bit, Colony just dropped this web advert to show you a little something what to expect in the vid.

Colony Free DVD Trailer

Colony FREE DVD trailer from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Colony made an hour long DVD, that consists of all the web video they dropped over the past year, plus four more edits that haven’t been released yet. The video is now available for free through all Colony stockists.
Featuring riding from Tom Stretton, Bobbie Altiser, Alex Hiam, Mick Bayzand, Ryan Guettler, Marnold, Jack Kelly, Zac Miner, Luke Parker, Paddy Gross, Clint Millar, Jourdan Barba, Chris Courtenay, Brandon Van Dulken, Dean Anderson and Cooper Brownlee.
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