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Mick Bayzand Bike Check

Head over to the Colony web site to check out a few more photos of Mick Bayzand’s new bike along with one photo of him grinding a rail at his favorite spot in the world.

New Colony Badge T-Shirt

Here is a look at the new and very limited edition Colony Badge T-shirt, which is available exclusively through their web store. If you like it and you wanna have it, act fast.

Colony – Dean Anderson Ten Clips

Colony is back with another Ten Clips edit. This time you will be seeing ten pretty serious clips from Dean Anderson, riding at the Warragul skatepark. All this was filmed over the course of one day and Dean nailed down some solid stuff. Toothpick hangover to 180 barspin, flair tuck-nohander, quick backflip and much more. Must see.
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Jack Kelly Bike Check

Colony shot a few photos of Jack Kelly’s current ride for you to check out and also did a parts list if you are curious what parts this mate is riding. A pretty crazy welcome to the team edit is dropping in the coming weeks, so sty tuned.

Colony – Mick Bayzand Edit

This all new Mick Bayzand edit for Colony is full of solid street riding filmed all around Australia and Vancouver, Canada. Teddy keeps progressing and is pulling all those tricks so smoothly and without a slightly mistake. Enjoy.
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Colony – Brandon Van Dulken Summer Mix

Colony connection from Vancouver, Brandon Van Dulken filmed an absolutely amazing web edit around the area and make everything looks so easy. No matter what terrain, dirt, street or trails, Brandon will ride it and not just ride it, he will murder the place. Massive kink rails, double tailwhips, stylish nose manuals and all bunch of great technical moves. Enjoy.
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Colony – Marnold Ten Clips V3

While having a session at the Knox concrete skatepark, Marc Arnold aka Marnold and Cooper Brownlee managed to film this ten clips for a new installment in Colony’s Ten Clips edits. Seeing an x-up double peg always gets me 6 or 7 years back. Awesome.
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Colony At Rampworx Skatepark

Back in September 2012 Colony team took a trip to the UK to travel around the country and to hit and ride as much spots as possible. One of their stops was the famous Rampworx skatepark in Liverpool and here is an edit from the guys at the skatepark, showing you what went down. The edit is not news, but it still features some rad moves from Liam Vance, Ryan Gettler, Chris Courtnay, Cooper Brownlee, Clint Milar, Sam Davies-Bate and other locals.
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Victro Salazar Off Volume Bikes

Victor Salazar has parted was with his sponsor Volume Bikes and it looks like he already joined the Colony team, but no official news right now. We need to wait for a few more days. In the mean time check his whip after the jump.
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Colony – Peta Shepherd Ten Clips

Peta Shepherd stayed for a couple of months in Melbourne, Australia last year where Cooper Brownlee met up with her for one afternoon at the Box Hill skatepark, where they filmed ten clips for this new Colony “Ten Clips” edit. All this was actually filmed in just one hour. Solid.
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