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Colony – Ryan Guettler & Henrique Castro Ten Clips V2

Ryan Guettler met up with Henrique Castro aka Valvo while he spent some time in Brazil and they hit up these trails and both filmed ten clips for their sponsor Colony. It is always a treat watching these two ride dirt jumps and this one is no exception.
Watch them shred trails in Adelaide here.
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Alex Hiam & Chris Courtenay – To Byron And Back

Colony riders Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay recently spent fourteen days on the road with Sony, promoting their all new Xperia phone. While on the “To Byron And Back” trip, they stopped at various skateparks and managed to film some crazy wild tricks. If you like watching good skatepark riding, then this one is definitely for you.
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Alex Hiam Colony Ad

Colony’s latest print ad features Alex Hiam with a canadian can-can footjam and their 2013 Premise complete bike. You guys will be seeing this ad in the latest issue of The Albion magazine.

Colony Premise 2013 Complete Bike Promo

Colony’s all new Premise 2013 complete bike is now available worldwide. Before buying it, get a closer look at it in the promo above and watch Mick Bayzand, Marnold, Jourdan Barba, Chris Courtenay, Alex Hiam, Tom Stretton, Cooper Brownlee, Nuke, Pete Radivo and Liam Zingbergs getting some rad stuff done.
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Jack Kelly On Colony

Cooper Brownlee could not resist to not to invite Jack Kelly to the Colony flow team. They are currently working on a welcome to the team edit, that will drop within next days and the word is saying that it’s going to be real good.

Liam Vance At Rampworx

Liam Vance is England’s Colony representer through Alans BMX and is an only 15 year old kid, who recently spent some time filming at the Rampworx skatepark with Dylan Coltman, to get this edit done. Liam is still a young kid, but has all bunch of awesome grind combos and whips on lock and knows how to boost some air.
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Colony Freecoaster Hubs Available Now

Colony has been working on and developing their first ever freecoaster hubs for a while now, but they are finally out now in stores. This freecoaster comes in few variants, female or male axles and in both RHD or LHD. They are also offering a non-drive side hub guard (below) which replaces the cone nut so you won’t need to spread your frame to fit it all in. Contact your local shop or favorite mail order if you are looking for a new freecoaster.

Bobbie Altiser Bike Check

Front and back brake wizard Bobbie Altiser shot a few photos of his bike and wrote down the parts list and sent them to Colony. Now click here ad find out what this guy is riding and check the photos of this dialed bike.

To Byron & Back – Sony Xperia Tour Day 1, 2 & 3

Here are some highlights from the first, second and third day of Sony Xperia’s To Byron & Back tour, where they took Colony’s Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay, joining the rest, to have some fun and of course to hit some riding spots. On the first day (above) they went caving at Jenolan Caves and later hit the Lithgow Skate Park for a session and on the second day the crew went to Blue Mountains for a climbing challenge and spent some time at the Bathurst skatepark. The third day was all about shredding the Dubbo skatepark.

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Colony – My Backyard Is Soecial – Istvan Caillet

You may not know much about Colony’s French rider, through Unleaded, Istvan Caillet, so I highly recommend you to watch his fresh new day edit, that was filmed at his fun looking backyard ramps by Jean-Baptiste Bazzarini. Some crazy moves I saw in this one. Enjoy.
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