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Colony – Bobbie Altiser Ten Clips

Front brake master and freecoaster user Bobbie Altiser putting in some work for Colony’s latest “Ten Clips” at Long Beach’s new MLK concrete skatepark. There are a few really good lines, but the last one definitely stood out.
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Zac Miner Colony Ad

Colony’s Zac Miner scored a print advert in the UK version of The Albion magazine with this gap to wallride shot on their trip to Adelaide, to promote his signature frame. Find full ad after the jump.
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Dean Anderson On Colony

“…Dean Anderson, this kid has been killing it for a while now down in Victoria. If you’ve ever been to The Shed or watched the web video below you know Dean is good on his bike but he is also a down to earth good kid so we are stoked to have him apart of the team repping Colony for us down south. Be on the look out for more from Dean soon but for now check his new setup and the web video he dropped a few months back.”Colony

Jourdan Barba At Sketecity

Jourdan Barba at Skatecity – More BMX Videos

Colony’s Jourdan Barba getting all tech with grinding at the Skatecity indoor skatepark in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Anton McGuirk Bike Check

Colony rider Anton McGuirk flew to Woodward East for a month and decided to send them a quick bike check, showing all you guys his current Miner 21″ setup. I wander if he has any good stuff in the works for us.

Oskar Zajarskis Interview

Colony posted their classic quick interview with their rider Oskar Zajarskis telling you about his last movie he watched, favorite musician at the moment, last bad crash and more.

Colony Impact Safety Pads

If you didn’t knew, Colony is also offering knee pads, shin pads and ankle guards under the name of Impact. These pads are very slim, so you will still look cool in those tight pants of yours.

Colony Flick Trix Samples

These are samples of Colony’s Flick Trix finger bikes. These are perfect to train your fingers and to keep them in good shape. Get one when they are available.

Calling The Shots With Colony Team

Crooked World took an opportunity to film a calling the shots edit with Colony’s entire team, including Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay, Jourdan Barba, Bobbie Altiser, Cooper Brownlee, Alex Hiam, Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd and Clint Millar.
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Daniele De Picolli Interview

A short interview Colony made with their Italian shredder Daniele De Picoli to talk about the last movie he watched, best musician at the moment, last bad crash and more.