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Cooper Brownlee Bike Check

The guy of many talents, Cooper Brownlee, has a bike check up on the Colony web site, where you can check out his current 2014 Colony Teddy setup.

Alex Kennedy Bike Check

Head over to the Cult web site to check out what Alex Kennedy’s current bike is all about. There are a few products on his bike that are not available yet, but should be out later this month.

Day In The Life Of Alex Hiam And Ryan Guettler

In the next five and a half minutes of your life you will witness how a day in the life of Colony’s own Alex Hiam and Ryan Guettler looks like. From horse masks and dog feeding to shredding concrete and pulling big stunts. These two Aussies sure know how to have fun in the life. Enjoy.
Seen on TCU.
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Mike Brennan On Colony

After parting ways with Wethepeople a few months ago, Mike Brennan has been without frame sponsor and look at the news today, he joined the Australian based company, Colony.
“We are stoked to announce the one of New Jersey’s finest, Mike Brennan is now riding for Colony. I’ve known Mike for a little while now and everytime we could talk I could tell more and more that he was one the same page as us and things just fell into place from there. Next minute we are sending some products and the rest is history. I look forward to hanging out with Mike some more and collecting footage for future Colony project because we all know he goes hard!”– Cooper Brownlee
“A few months back Cooper had told me that Mike had expressed interest and good words about what we have going on at Colony. I was stoked to hear this for sure. It wasn’t until a few months later that we had the chance to meet up at Interbike and right away from that first meeting, I knew this was going to happen. Mike is a down to earth guy with the right out look on BMX and life in general. I am stoked to have him a part of the family and I look forward to the years ahead.”– Clint Millar

Colony – Tom Stretton 2013 Edit

I think everyone knows Tobias Wicke and his technical insanity at skateparks, well, here we have Tom Stretton, who is something similar, maybe even more crazier and everything he does, he does brakeless. His new Colony web edit is some kind of a mix of flatland/street/skatepark riding with so much original and creative lines, you don’t see on a daily basis (not even if you put all the daily edits together). This is hot, very very hot. I don’t know what is my favorite trick in here, because there are so many, but the long pedal hang 5 toothpick grind at the beginning was ridiculous. Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee (additional filming by Tristan Montagu and Troy Charlesworth).
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Brandon Van Dulken Colony Advert

This is the current Colony print advert that they are running in Focalpoint’s online issue featuring Brandon Van Dulken. The photo was taken during Brandon’s Australia visit at the Snakewoods trails in Queensland.

Type 2 Detectives X Colony T-Shirts Out Now

To celebrate the release of very special Colony X Type 2 Detectives complete bikes, they dropped a limited run of T-shirts, which are available now and can be order via Type 2 Detective’s web site. Act fast, cause these will go fast, you know that.

Colony – Jourdan Barba Summer 2013 Edit

Jourdan Barba and Larry Alvarado have been filming for about five months to get out of hell of a summer edit for Jourdan’s sponsor Colony. Jourdan can murder each and every spot he hit, let it be a flat ledge or a big rail down stairs. A lot of hammers in here, so don’t sit on this one, watch it now. Seen on TCU.
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Dean Anderson Bike Check

You can check out Dean Anderson’s bike up on the Colony web site, where he is showing you an all Colony build 2013 Miner whip, photos and of course the parts list.

Colony DVD – Tom Stretton Section

Colony is back with a new section from their DVD from back in 2011 featuring Tom Stretton. I really hope you already saw his section, because if you didn’t you must do it immediately. Tom has so much bike control, shreds streets, skateparks and also bowls and brings hang’s to the next level. The toothpick hangover hang 5 grinds are ridiculously good.
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