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Tom Stretton On Colony Pro Team

Clint Millar from Colony just announced that Tom Stretton moved to the pro Colony team, “…it’s a pleasure to have you on the team & you’re such an important part of Colony.”

Colony Beanies

In the cold winter Australian days you need to warm your head somehow. Colony’s beanies are one of the options which will bi available in mid July but only in Australia.

Colony Much Room Grip Update

Colony posted up a few photos of their new, third grip that will be available soon called the Much Room grip. You can also check how the mould where grips are made looks like.

Steven Moxley At Waterdown Park

Canadian Steven Moxley riding a cement skatepark in Waterdown, Ontario. He is riding for Sour Fever Clothing and was not long ago added to the Colony team. Check out his bike check if you missed it.

Custom Colony LTD

The guys over at Strictly BMX made a sweet custom built complete bike using Colony LTD frame, which is their first made in USA frame. For all other detail photos and specifications click here.

Zac Miner Colony Ad

This is the current ad featuring Colony rider Zac Miner with an icepick and Contour Wheelsets from the latest issue of Soul. For the full story behind this photo please visit Colony site.

Ryan Guettler Update

“I just got back from Budapest. I went there for a Monster Energy Dirt jump contest. Had a really fun time and even got 2nd place !! They built the course for the comp but also to leave it there for the kids afterwards so they were very small jumps, which were hard for me to do my bigger tricks on, I wish they were bigger but it was amazing event. Thanks to every one over there at Monster for taking care of me and showing me a good time.”[…]- Ryan Guettler, Colony

The Colony DVD Trailer

The Colony DVD Trailer from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

“This is our first full length team DVD featuring Mick Bayzand, Alex Hiam, Liam Zingbergs, Brock Olive, Clint Millar, Pete Radivo, Broc Raiford, Paddy Gross, Bruno Faucon, Peta Shepherd, Simon O’Brien, Shane Badman, Attila Godi, Steven Moxley, Cooper Brownlee, Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay, Marnold, Tom Stretton & Zac Miner.”Colony

Pete Radivo Colony Ad

This is Colony’s newest ad from the back of the latest issue of Focalpoint featuring Pete Radivo with a superman seat grab and Contour wheels. Read more and check the full ad.
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Colony – Henrique “Valvo” Castro

Valvo Castro Colony edit from Dream Bmx Brazil on Vimeo.

Colony’s South America shredder Henrique “Valvo” Castro likes to throw those bars on every terrain, dirt, street or park. Enjoy.