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Stas Shatilo For Etnies And Colony

Stas Shatilo is a Colony and Etnies ripper from Russia and this is his latest edit. Stas gets really serious when it comes to technical moves and if a barspin to nose to many to barspin in does not convince you to press that play button your are weird.
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45 Second Of Leeton Kleingeld

I haven’t seen a crazy 45 second long video like this one for a while now. Leeton Kleingeld gets support from Colony through the Bicycle Centre in Townsville and here is his latest piece full of insane and very very technical moves. You must watch this one, it will amaze you, especially if you never heard for this kid before.
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Colony – Mick Bayzand 2013 Edit

Mick Bayzand has been working on this piece for about two years now and what came out now is something that will blow you away, I am sure. Really solid street riding from around Australia and Canada is what makes Colony (and the rest of the world) super stoked. Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee with help from Sam Lowe, Kym Grosser, Rhys Yeomans, Daniel Johnson and Jack Kelly.
Was that they rail that Kym Grosser also pulled for his Blazeguard section at 2:06?
Seen on TCU.
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Colony – Marnold B-Roll Edit

Leftover clips and crashes from filming for Marnold’s most recent Colony web edit (which you can watch below, if you haven’t already, or just do it one more time, cause it is that good). You know when b-rolls are as good as originals? Well, this is one of them.

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Colony – Chris Courtenay And Jourdan Barba Raw Clips

Colony decided to start dropping footage of their team that were never used before. To kick things of they are releasing Chris Courtenay’s clips from a sprocket promo they filmed back in 2011 and Jourdan Barba’s from last year at Woodward West. Chris goes insane with air style tricks and Jourdan technical with grinds. Enjoy.

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Chris Courtenay Colony Ad

Colony’s latest print ad that can be found in the newest issue of the 2020 BMX magazine featuring Chris Courtenay with a dope one-handed table at the Woodgate skatepark in north Queensland,to promote the 2014 Premise complete bike.

Colony – Michal Mycek Edit

Colony’s Poland connection through Ave BMX Michal Mycek went all in for this new web edit of his. Style, technical moves and an overall amazing web edit (maybe a little sketchy filmed at some points), this is the piece you must not miss and it is perfect to start a new week. That short up-flat-down-rail was so good. Enjoy.
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2014 Colony Complete Bikes – 1st Drop

Colony put together this flipbook to show you all their 2014 complete bikes which are available now at your favorite Colony dealers around Australia (the rest of the world will have these bike available around late September/early October).

Colony – Bobbie Altiser 10 Clips

Bobbie Altiser and Dylan Crane teamed up to get ten clips filmed at the Hannibal, Missouri skatepark for Colony’s latest “10 Clips” web edit. Bobbie is not your everyday rider, he rides with front brake, with rear brake and he uses his freecoaster a lot. What this means is that you will witness tricks and lines you usually don’t see in an average edit. Edited by Cooper Brownlee.
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Tom Stretton Colony Ad

Tom Stretton whipping his bike around on this pretty steep setup for Colony’s latest print ad that you can find in the newest issue of The Albion magazine.
“I love this shot because it was taking Tom a few shots to get this clip and the one time he gets it was when all the school kids came along and stopped to watch, they were so interested in it.”