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Colony Squareback Top Load Stem

The Squareback stem is Colony’s newest top load stem that is made out of a 4075-T6 alumimum brick and CNC machined with aesthetics that make this stem both very strong and yet cool and beautiful on the outside. It has a 33 mm rise (and 50 mm reach) to offer a higher handlebar height for today’s riding demands. Stem weight 292 grams (10.2 oz) and comes in five different colors, black, red, blue, purple and polished.

Colony Anyway Plastic Pegs

The production of plastic pegs continues. The next in the world of plastic is Colony with the Anyway plastic pegs which are now available in Australia and Canada (the rest of the world will have these available in September). The Anyway pegs feature an alloy core with a replaceable plastic sleeve and will grind pretty much everything, rails, ledges, wooden rails, rusty rails, rough ledges, you name it. Pegs are a little bit longer than normal pegs, so you will have no problems with pulling crooked grinds, top-side grinds or any other grind/stall stunt.
Also if you are a weight addict and you want to have your bike as light as possible (which I think is a pretty bad habit), you can run these pegs without sleeves, some of the Colony team riders are running them without pegs and they are holding great. But in this case I suggest you to ride them only in skateparks, you know how it is with alloy and rough ledges.

Colony – Marnold Edit

If we are talking about grinding rails and ledges, going big and pulling solid street stuff the name Marc Arnold aka Marnold is the right to watch. His new Colony web edit, filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee, is so heavy and this guy does so many grind stuff, regular and opposite. Also, make sure you check out his signature Talon bars.
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Colony Endeavour 2014 Complete Bike Promo

Now these kind of promotional videos are the one I really like. They not only show you all the specifications of the bike, but you get tons of really good riding from the whole crew. Hit play above and see what Colony’s 2014 Endeavour complete bike is offering along with riding clips from Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Jourdan Barba, Cooper Brownlee, Jack Kelly, Bobbie Altiser, Pete Radivo, Ryan Guettler, Tom Stretton and Mick Bayzand.
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Colony 2014 Complete Bikes

The 2014 line of complete bikes from Colony drops in Australia in the upcoming days and for the first drop they will be having Premise, Inception and the popular Endeavour complete bike available for you to pick up. These will be for now available only at selected dealers in Australia and will be available everywhere else in August, when the second shipment drops.

Colony X Unleaded BMX – Bruno Faucon Edit

Bruno Faucon, Colony’s France connection through Unleaded BMX, put in some work around spots of Aix En Provence, France and voila, this is what he got. Bruno is not afraid of going big, putting his pegs to use or go technical.
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Colony – Polly Ten Clips

Front break only rider and Colony flow ripper Polly want to say thank to the brand by filming his version of Ten Clips edit with Cooper Brownlee at his local Mt Eliza skatepark. You know if he has only the front break he is not your everyday rider. Enjoy.
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Colony – Jack Kelly B-Roll

Stoked that Colony is doing these B-Roll edits from filming for their team riders’ edits. Here are crashes, second angle shots, outtakes and unscene footage from making Jack Kelly’s recent Colony web edit. Those backflip attempts at the end are ridiculous. Find the smallest bump and tell Jack about it and he will try to flip it.
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Colony Brand – Follow The Lines Tour

Colony is happy to announce that they are going on a Follow The Lines filming and hanging out tour, starting next week. 10 riders will go on the road hitting various stores around Australia, trails spots, streets and skatepark.
Riders are: Mick Bayzand, Chris Courtenay, Marnold, Tom Stretton, Brandon Van Dulken, Jourdan Barba, Jack Kelly, Cooper Brownlee, Zac Miner and Clint Millar.
All the destinations they will be hitting can be found above.

Ryan Guettler Video Bike Check

Alli Sports caught up with Aussie based rider Ryan Guettler to run your through his Colony setup, that he will be riding in 2013, and to film a few clips at the skatepark for a good measure. Ryan likes his bike strong and light and if you are in this kind of stuff, check what parts he haso n his bike above.
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