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Tom Stretton Bike Check

While Cooper Brownlee was recently in Brisbane, Australia, he met up with Tom Stretton and shot a few photos of his bike to get a bike check done for Colony. Tom’s bike is built up using only Colony parts and nothing else.

Colony – Zac Miner Edit

This has been in the works for six months, but it was definitely worth the wait, because it is full of real solid stuff. Colony’s Zac Miner is the guy that can go big and isn’t afraid of riding wild setups. Guys, click play above and enjoy this awesome edit.
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Colony – Jack Kelly Ten Clips

Cooper Brownlee met up with Jack Kelly one afternoon at the Chadstone park in Melbourne, Australia to get ten clips filmed, for a new installment in Colony’s Ten Clip web edits. Jack nailed down some good moves, well lines. Check it out.
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Chris Courtenay Video Bike Check

Watch Chris Courtenay running your through his current minty Colony Teddy setup along with nailing down some dope stuff at this mini ramp/spine setup. Chris can go high and can pull barspins as slow as possible (well, bus drivers).
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Cooper Brownlee Colony Ad

Cooper Brownlee getting a pretty long crooked grind done for Colony’s latest print ad, to promote his signature 24/7 bars, that you can find in the newest issue of The Albion magazine.

Jack Kelly Colony Ad

Colony’s latest print ad featuring Jack Kelly getting a crank arm grind done down the rail, that can be found in the latest issue of the Focalpoint magazine. If you haven’t seen the mag yet, you can do it now, it’s free and it’s online.

Anthony McGuirk 2012 Scraps

Back in 2012 Anthony McGuirk was filming for his sponsor Colony, but since he made a move to Hyper in between filming, these are all the scrap clips Chris Wilmshurst threw together for your viewing pleasure. You know that when we are talking about Anthony some serious stuff will go down and being this nothing else but raw, it makes it that much better. Enjoy.
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Colony – Alex Hiam 2013 Edit

Only 17 years old Alex Hiam has been working on this new web edit for his sponsor Colony over the past six months and now it s ready for the whole world to see it. Alex is still so young, but his riding is unreal and next level, he can go both, really big with tricks over jump boxes or spines or tech a quarter pipes. Countless of sick tricks, so press play and enjoy the madness.
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Colony Henrique “Valvo” Castro Seat Promo

Promo edit for Henrique “Valvo” Castro’s upcoming signature Colony pivotal seat, that will be available in Australia and Brazil only. Valvo cruises around a few of his local skateparks and boosts some nice airs and also gets some sweet tricks done. Style.
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Sidewall X Colony Endeavour Complete Giveaway

Sidewall is going big with this new giveaway that they are currently hosting. They are giving all their fans a chance to with a Colony 2012 Endeavour complete bike. All you have to do is visit their FB page, like their Page, share the post and write in the comment what is you best part of riding BMX.