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United Colors Of Etnies UK Shop Tour By Ride UK

Hell yeah, Ride UK dropped the unofficial edit from the United Colors of Etnies UK Shop Tour, featuring Cory Martinez, Nathan Williams, Geoff Slattery and others. Etnies, United an these three riders got together to produce an entire line of soft goods, shoes and complete bikes in matching colors. To promote the drop they took a trip to Blighty to kill skateparks, hang out with locals, sign posters and simply to have fun. If you have a copy of 180th issue of Ride UK magazine you’ve probably already read the article, if you haven’t get one.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Episode 4 – Bike Week

In the fourth episode of the Red Bull “Ride And Seek” series, Cory Martinez tells you more about his shoulder injury, surgery and the road to recovery. Along with that, the crew, Cory, Tony Neyer and Garrett Reynolds get to know motorcycles a little bit better, visit the Bike Week and Victory Motorcycles. It is Tony’s and Garrett’s first time on the bikes, so it’s definitely going to be a wild experience, at least for these two.
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Baby Steps, The Art Of Flatground 360 With Tony Hamlin

Actually this is over a year old, but it was never posted up here, so I decided to post it, cause it is damn funny. Etnies rider Tony Hamlin with his teammates Aaron Ross, Sergio Layos, Morgan Wade, Cory Martinez, and Jamie Bestwick learning regular 360, opposite 360, switch-footed regular 360 and switch-footed opposite 360. Can you do all four?
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Etnies Eastern European Vacation

Last summer Etnies riders Sergio Layos, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Tony Hamlin, Cory Martinez and Nathan Williams took a trip to Finland and Estonia to get some filming done on some really good street spots. The result is above and it is damn amazing. Must see.
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The Bakery’s Preheating – Corey Martinez

Preheating: Corey Martinez from The Bakery on Vimeo.

This is the first one of Preheating series from The Bakery featuring Corey Martinez. This is just a trailer for the upcoming Corey’s video that will be out later this week. Make sure to check it when it’s out.