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ODI: Cory “Midget” Walters BMX Gypsy

Cory Walters aka Midget has been on the ODI team for a very long time and he sure is not stopping killing it on a BMX bike. It took them a very long time, but this is Midget’s welcome to the team edit, to make everything official. Killer trail clips in the above edit.
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Jefferson State Vol. 2 Trailer

“Preview of Jefferson State Vol. 2 coming 2013 with sections on Aaron Day, Jeremy Kaiser, Marcus O’Brien and Cory Walters with riding form Joe Sanchez, Abe Rowland, Paul Kintner, GJ, Dave Reuss, Chris Reisner and friends at spots around the northwest. Stay tuned for more updates.”– Marcus O’Brien & Jesse Duval

Pre Heating for whats coming….

Here is a little pre heating for what is coming next from the POW Trails featuring Aaron Day, Grant Reusser, Dave Reuss, Marcus O’Brien, Chris Riesner, Cory Walters and Jeremy Kaiser. Can’t wait to see it.
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Midget Cory Walters & Arras Saidi Edit

“Midget” Cory Walters and Arrash Saidi love riding jumps more than almost anyone I know and have been hitting us up for a bit now to join them for a day at the dubs to shoot some photos and video. With Cory’s wild take on BMX and Saidi’s natural style, staff photographer Jeff Zielinski and myself joined S&M’s dirt loving duo for a fun time at an undisclosed location in California for a rad day in the sun. Once we got out there, we met young gun Oscar Maldonado who could seemingly trick whatever jump he wanted with good style and Leslie Betley, who sent some solid backflips and 360s throughout the day. All in all, this was a super fun session and one of my favorite Monday Edits in a while”– Andrew Brady, Ride BMX
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