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Merritt – Inaugural Stem Promo

Inaugural Stem Promo from Merritt Bmx on Vimeo.

If you give a steam to a heavy crew of riders like Merritt’s team is and if it holds everything, then it holds the world. Check out this promotional video to promote the launch of the Merritt Inaugural frontload and topload stem. Featuring riding from Mike Brennan, Paul Barnum, Dave Krone, Jim Borio, Diogo Santos, Justin Care, Brandon Begin, Cory Wiergowski, Stephan Salley, Greg Henry, Scott McMenamin, Dustin Lee, Pete Sawyer, Charlie Crumlish, Steve Savage, Pablo Nunez and Chris Childs.
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The Michigan Video Promo

Promo for the upcoming “The Michigan” video, that should be dropping in early 2014. There will be full parts from Cory Wiergowski, Jason Govan, Chase Krolicki, Mikey Tyra, Nick Bullen and Tyler Fernengel and if you watch the promo above, I am sure you will be dying to see the final product. A lot of heavy hitters in here. You can already start preparing yourself, cause this will blow you away for sure.
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Cory Wiergowski – A Skatepark Video

Cory Wiergowski is always pulling some wild combos and lines and this new one, filmed at a skatepark is a really good proof. If not putting all his three pegs to use, he links various trick together with manuals. That barspin to crooked to 180 was probably the best move for me, but it is really hard to decide, when there are so many good ones.
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Cory Wiergowski Welcome To Merritt

Cory Wiergorski is the newest addition to the Merritt team and this is his official introduction that he put together for the company. Cory sure deserves support and he always comes out with something really good and enjoyable like this welcome to the team is.
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Party Lines At El Mirage

Check out Troy Blair, AJ Krueger, Dean Watson and Cory Wiergowski having a party at the El Mirage skate plaza in Arizona. These dudes all nailed down some really hot moves and came out with this quick little piece. Filmed and edited by Bobby Kanode.
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Cory Wiergowski Off Sunday

The news dropped that Cory Wiergowski has parted ways with his sponsor Sunday Bikes. No info where these guy is going next, so I am extremely curious who is picking him up.
“After a year on sunday bikes, we have decided to go our separate ways. I greatly appreciate everything they have done for me and owe them alot.”

The Hunt 2012 – Cory Wiergowski

If you haven’t seen The Hunt video yet, that you missed one really crazy and really technical section. The section we are talking about is Cory Wiergowski’s. Cory put a lot of work into filming for this one, pulled all bunch of sick grinds, one insane wallride and an ender that is something, that will blow you away.
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Cory Wiergowski Spring 2013 Edit

You know Cory Wiergowski never disappoints? And you know every time he puts out a new web edit, things are getting more and more technical? Well, this new piece, filmed over the course of a few months, is something that will make you go crazy in the head. Cory nailed down some serious amount of technical combos and lines that I am sure you don’t wanna miss. Guest clip by Zach North.
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Cory Wiergowski For Ipath

Cory Wiergowski started the year of 2013 heavy, first Sunday’s For The Homies edit and now this super good edit for his shoe sponsor Ipath. This one includes so much good stuff and also a few moves that weren’t seen before. Just hit play and see it for yourself.
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A Line With Cory Wiergowski

I had no idea this line will actually be one minute long. Watch Cory Wiergowski going technical through the Deck Park in Phoenix, Arizona for his sponsor Albe’s. It looks like it the upcoming months, we will witness a new web edit from Cory, which I am sure will be crazy.
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