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BMXFU – Guy Stuff

BMXFU’s 5th and most recent full length video is now online and ready for the whole world to see it. Almost 50 minutes of freaking good riding from Craig Passero, Lee Dennis, Charlie Crumlish, Shawn Swain, Greg Henry, Jordan Dwan, Greg D’Amico, Dan Cauchi, Matt Drew, Nick Dagg and many more.

The Bakery “Special Recipe” W/ Charlie Crumlish And Craig Passero

Oh man, this one went pretty much out of control. Charlie Crumlish and Craih Passero’s The Bakery “Secret Recipe” video just dropped and it is insanely technical. I really do not know where to start, because there is so much jaw-dropping moments in here, but I will say one thing, there is an up icepick to over hard 180 in here. Must see.
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The Bakery – Preheating With Charlie Crumlish And Craig Passero

This Friday, December 20th, 2013, a new video from The Bakery will be dropping and here is the teaser with S&M Bikes riders Charlie Crumlish and Craig Passero who will be killing the place. You know you can expect super wild and super technical stuff coming out from these two, but let the video speak for them, so stay tuned.

Grant Germain Edit

16 years old Grant Germain is out with a fresh new piece, filmed and edited by Craig Passero, which is amazing from start to the end. Lot of style, lot of lines, front wheel skills and pulling nollie 180 barspins down sets of stairs with ease. Hit play and enjoy. Seen on TCU.
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Charlie Crumlish And Craig Passero On S&M Bikes

Earlier this year Charlie Crumlish and Craig Passero parted ways with Stranger and it took them a little more than half a year and they are joining the S&M Bikes squad. I am sure there will be welcome to the team edits, or a split welcome to the team edit dropping in the near future, so stay tuned.

OSS BMX – Craig Passero And Charlie Crumlish “Bing Kingz”

Craig Passero and Charlie Curmlish from OSS BMX spent a week filming for this new split web edit, while on a trip for the “Ruin Your Whole Summer” video. A lot of familiar faces in here and a lot of really good riding from both, Craig and Charlie and also from all other participants.
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Pedro Guardado Edit

Craig Passero filmed this one with Pedro Guardado for TCU and it came out really sick and solid. Pedro likes doing crank-flips, doubles also, big 360s and other sick stunts. The first crank-flip with ripped shoes was nuts.
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OSS “Ruin Your Whole Summer” Full Video

The third full length OSS video, “Ruin Your Whole Summer,” is now on the world wide web. It includes full parts from Alex Raban, Alex Donnachie, Matty Long, Alex Platt, Diego “Mono” Navarro, Zach Krejmas, Charlie Crumlish and Craig Passero along with all their friends. Half an hours of madness, from big and insane stuff, to technical and creative moves. You better start pressing on that play button now.
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Primo – Craig Passero 2013

Craig Passero. If you saw at least one edit from this guy (I really hope you saw more), you know how wild he can get and how much skills he has. His 2013 Primo web vid is a collection of super technical and really solid street riding. Three minutes of footage that must not be missed and mussed be replayed for at least three times. This thing is nuts. Seen on TCU.
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OSS – Ruin Your Whole Summer Trailer

The third OSS video “Ruin Your Whole Summer” will be officially premiered on July 3rd at the Long Beach Arts Theater, but in the mean time, what the trailer TCU just dropped to pump you up. It will feature whole parts from Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Alex Raban, Matty Long, Alex Donnachie, Diego “Mono” Navarro, Alex Platt, Zach Krejmas and the rest of the OSS team. This one is going to be so good.
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