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Craig Sime Welcome To 20Twenty BMX

Craig Sime – welcome to 20twenty bmx from cain martin on Vimeo.

Craig Sime doing it around Glasgow, Scotland and Barcelona for his new sponsor 20Twenty BMX, while The Doors are playing in the background. A few technical combos and a pretty big barspin and no-hander to end it all. Enjoy.
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Nearly BMX – What’s Your Body Count

Really solid skatepark clip Nearly BMX put out featuring Jonny Moffat, Steven Winterton, Greg Layden, Cammy Harkins and Craig Sime. Every one of them has at least one really good clip in here, so I really recommend you to press play and see them in action above.
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Craig Sime At EKPark

16 years old Craig Sime, also EKPark team rider, doing it the EKPark and showing us what he got for us. Must say that this kid is really good and in a year or two I am sure he will blew out our minds.
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