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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style Highlights

The course for the 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style contest was amazing. They actually took part of the road, close it and built street objects and a few ramps on it. Here are the highlights for all you who missed it featuring Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Scotty Cranmer, Corey Martinez, Dakota Roche and more.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Style Results

The 2012 Dew Tour Street Style contest is over with Garrett Reynolds pulling a perfect last run, that got him on top spot, what made Dennis Enarson getting second and Scotty Cranmer third. The setup was amazing and very difficult to ride, because we all know what kind of roads SF has. You get tons of speed in a matter of meters, but that does not stop one of the top BMX riders in the world, from pulling some amazing riding.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Finals Highlights

Here is something we were all waiting for. The 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco street finals highlights are here, featuring riding from top eight riders, Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Bruno Hoffmann, Dennis Enarson, Sean Sexton, Ty Morrow, Dakota Roche and Stevie Churchill. Watch and be amazed.
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Cult Dak & Fuck The Wolrd Frames In Stock Now

Dakota Roche’s and Chase Hawk’s signature Cult colorway frames are available now. Dakota’s frame is the green colorway of Deathrow and Chase’s frame is the flat black Bad Boy. For all the specifications, check above and below.

2012 Dew Tour San Francsico Street Semi Finals Results

The street semi finals at 2012 Dew Tour in San Francisco already went down. Having some of the best riders in the world competing at this amazing course, that includes the famous San Francisco street spots, means only one thing, madness, originality and crazy tricks.
Here are the results:
1. Chad Kerley
2. Garrett Reynolds
3. Bruno Hoffman
4. Dennis Enarson
5. Dakota Roche
6. Ty Morrow
7. Sean Sexton
8. Stevie Churchill
9. Corey Martinez
10. Garret Hoogerhyde
11. Jeremiah Smith
12. Dan Lacey
13. Ben Lewis
14. Nathan Williams
15. Simone Barraco
16. Rob Wise
17. Alex Knnedy
18. Brian Kachinsky
19. Josh Harrington

The Seventies Brands At 2012 Vans Rebeljam

Now lets remember how good the 2012 Vans Rebeljam was with this edit that Seventies put together featuring the brands that they are carrying and the riders who are representing them. Riding from Ben Hennon, Bas Keep, Phil Demattia, Dakota Roche, Josh Roberts, Scott Ditchburn, Alex Kennedy and Vince Mayne.
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Skapegoat 7

Animal Bikes’ Bob Scerbo is back with a new installment in his Skapegoat web series, dropping now the 7th video. It features riding from Steven Hamilton, Garrett Byrnes, Stevie Churchill, Rob Dolecki, Dakota Roche, Tom White, Brian Wizmerski, Joe Rich, Garret Hoogerhyde, Jeff Kocsis, Pat King, Bob Scerbo and many more. Besides all the riding you will get tons of bonus, a huge fight, footage of Van Homan breaking his leg and more.

Vans Rebeljam 2012 In Spain

Vans rebeljam 2012 in Spanien a BMX video by freedombmx

Freedom BMX also made a highlights video from the 2012 Vans Rebeljam for your viewing pleasure. I must admit that I still am amazed by all the moves that went down, even if seeing it for several times now. Featuring Anthony McGuirk, Harry Main, Dakota Roche, Maxime Charveron, Jason Phelan, Dan Foley and more.
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What’s The Best Web Edit Of All Time?

More BMX Videos
During the 2012 Vans Rebeljam in Spain, Dig caught up with Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Harry Main, Rob Darden, Bruno Hoffman, Dan Lacey, Ed Zunda, Dan Foley, Kye Forte and many more, what is their best web edit of all time.
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Monster Energy Team At 2012 Vans Rebeljam

This year at Vans Rebeljam Monster Energy team really killed the place with Dan Lacey getting first in street, Kevin Kalkoff first in style and Andy Buckworth getting on top at hard trick contest. Also watch clips from Dakota Roche, David Budko, Harry Main, Kevin Peraza and more above.
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