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Barspin How To Video With Dan Conway

I know many of you shredders out there know how to pull a proper barspin, but there are still many who can not do it and want to learn it. Ride BMX recently caught up with Fit’s newest pro team rider, Dan Conway, to film this how to video. Dan explains how to throw handlebar around for 360 degrees and catch it before landing. You will pretty much get every single detail you need to know before learning barspin. Even if in today’s world this trick is considered as a basic trick, it still is not that easy to learn. But when you will learn it and when you will master it, you will be throwing barspins everywhere. Over massive transfers, big sets of stairs, in a trick and out of a combo. Barspin is a trick you can use all the time and even throwing it on a flatground out of a bunnyhop it is so much fun. You can also set yourself a challenge how many barspins you can pull in one minute. It is not an easy challenge, believe me.
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Dan Conway On Fit Pro

Today, Fit dropped the news that Dan Conway will from now on be on their pro team. I am not exactly sure if there will be a welcome to the team edit, but expect insane stuff in his Fit DVD.

Fit Boss-Less Indent 24 2PC Cranks Promo w/ Dan Conway

Dan Conway talks about the new and coming Fit bos-less indent 24mm 2pc cranks and put them on a proper test at this DIY spot and at the skatepark. This is a little lighter version, but just as strong as the original indent cranks. Cranks should be out in March 2014 and will be compatible with Fit’s soon to be released key drive and key drive guard sprocket.
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Fit – Tom Dugan And Co In Kansas

Fit’s Shawn McIntosh, Jared Swafford, Dan Conway and Joel Barnett took a trip to Tom Dugan’s homeland of Kansas a few weeks ago to get some shredding done at Tom’s local concrete skatepark. They ended up the trip with a nice collection of footage, which is now ready for you to check out. Plenty of goodness in here. Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson.
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Filming In Progress – Fit DVD Promo

This is the promotional video for the new and coming Fit DVD that ran before the NORA Cup and for all the people around the globe who were not able to see it, missed it, or just want to see it again, here it is. Featuring Brian Foster, Dan Conway, Pat King, Christian Porras, Jordan Hango, Ben Lewis, Justin Inman, Jack Elkins, Florent Soulas, Justin Spriet, Mike Aitken, Shawn McIntosh, Tom Dugan and Van Homan. I can not wait for this one to drop. Heavy crew means heavy stuff. Enjoy.
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Fit “Kansas In The Can”

Fit is currently working on a new DVD and their recent trip was to homeland of Tom Dugan, Kansas. Stew Johnson snapped a few photos of Tom, Jared Swafford, Shawn McIntosh, Dan Conway and Joel Barnett, that you can now check in the flipbook above.

Fit – Dan Conway And Joel Barnett At Louisville Skatepark

Fit’s Dan Conway and Joel Barnett are on the way to Kansas for a team trip and on the way they stopped at the Louisville, KY concrete skatepark for a quick session. There were some rough moments, but both of the guys came out with some solid riding, big, tech and smooth.
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Dan Conway Fit Ad

You are looking at Fit’s latest print ad featuring Dan Conway putting their new wizard sleeves to a proper use and the pegs, all three of them, after heavy eleven months of grinding.

Fit Wizard Sleeves Out Now

The all new Fit Wizard Sleeves are out now and here is a quick promotional video for the drop announcement featuring Dan Conway taking it to the ledge. These plastic/nylon pegs sleeves are available in two sizes, 100mm and 112mm, and fit all the other 34mm OD pegs. If you would like to try out plastic, but you are not willing to pay for the whole peg, this is a good choice.
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Fit – Dan Conway Wizard Sleeve Promo

Are you running steel pegs and you wanna try out plastic, but you are 100% sure? Here come the Fit Wizard Sleeve plastic sleeves for all the pegs with 34mm outer diameter. They sat down with Dan Conway to talk about these, to show you how easy you can put them on and to show you how well they grind. Filmed and edited by Ryan Scott.
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