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Dan Foley – Dynamics

Dan Foley – Dynamics from Dan Foley on Vimeo.

This was a video project Dan Foley was working on for a sponsor he parted ways at the end of last year. Of course he did not want to throw all this amazing footage to garbage and decided to put out this “Dynamics” web video. Dan is a master of self-filmed and self-edited edits and this one is just another incredible proof. A few friends help him out with some of the clips in here, but overall it is all made by Dan Foley. The style, the tricks and the quality filming and editing – all fit together perfectly, like always. All the stuff you see above was filmed over the past fall and winter in Maryland, North Carolina, Japan and Texas. Do I even need to say anything else? Dan is the man and all the stuff he puts out is a treat to watch. Enjoy.
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North Carolina End Of Summer Mix

North Carolina End of Summer Mix – More BMX Videos

Dan Foley, Rick Scott, Jared Whaylen and Billy Matson all sad goodbye to the summer of 2013 with this awesome mix, filmed at street and skatepark spots around North Carolina. A lot of good stuff in here, but Foley somehow stood out with his amazing style.
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Dan Foley’s #SummerSelfie

Dan Foley once again coming out with an amazing self-filmed and self-edited new edit, filmed on a summer cruise around North Carolina. Dan is no joke and he can produce amazing stuff, even if being all by himself. You people start watching this one now.
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Vans 2013 U.S. Open BMX Invitational Recap

Something more from the recent Vans Van Doren Invitational that took place this past weekend. Some of the best in the world riding this wild bowl setup, but it was Daniel Sandoval who got first. Riding from Tom Dugan, Rob Darden, Sergio Layos, Dan Foley, Brian Foster and others.
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Calling The Shots With Dan Foley And Connor Lodes

Premium BMX team riders Dan Foley and Connor Lodes met up at the skatepark to get a new episode of Calling The Shots done for Network A. Connor is riding, Dan is calling tricks, Chris Bracamonte gets in between for a toothpick hangover barspin and Dan ends the whole thing with a sick and tech line. That’s it. Enjoy.
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Dan Foley – Self Filmed GoPro / Tripod Test

Here is Dan Foley and here is another good proof that self-filmed and self-edited web videos can be really good. Dan set a tripod and his GoPro on his bike for a few clips and made this sweet short little piece. So much style from Dan like always.
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Premium – Dan Foley Skatepark Spring Edit

It is pretty much unreal how much style Premium’s Dan Foley has and how smooth and easy every move of his looks. No backflip tailwhips or other insane stuff with barspins, whips or flips, “just” flowing around skatepark making things look amazing. Each time I see a new web edit from Dan, he surprises me with his technical skills.
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Memorial Day At GMG Trails

Memorial Day at GMG Trails – More BMX Videos

A pretty awesome memorial day guys over at the GMG trails had, shredding the jumps, chilling and having fun. Watch what were Dan Foley, Josh Harrington, Rick Scott, Angie Marino and more throwing down over those dirt jumps.
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Red Bull – Simple Session 2013

You already forgot about the Simple Session 2013? Well, lets remember it all together by watching this Red Bull edit, filmed on the very last day, when the best trick and finals were happening. The level of riding is insane and we know it and I really have no idea what we can expect for 2014.
Riding from Kevin Peraza, Stevie Churchill, Bruno Hoffmann, Devon Smillie, Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Dan Foley and more.
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Premium – NC Team Trip

Dan Foley, Josh Harrington, Brock Olive, Sean Ricany, Connor Lodes and Chad Kerley cruising around North Carolina to film for a Premium team edit and here is the final product. It is hard to say how amazing and how much good riding there is in here, mostly tech as hell from most of the team and super stylish from Dan. You guys will be enjoying this one so much. So good.
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