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Dan Mcnamara – Backyard Edit

A few months ago Dan Mcnamara and Jack Paton teamed up and hit up Dan’s backyard setup to film some stuff, over the course of one night session. Not much insane stuff in here, but the whole scene with lights makes everything look really good.
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Dan Mcnamara 2013 Web Edit

Dan Mcnamara just turned 16, so that means this whole edit was filmed when he was still 15. Really young lad coming straight from Australia will make your jaw drop. His style and his riding skills really made me speechless, kid is too good. From super technical stuff, to big trick combos in the air, this one is mind blowing. I am pretty sure there are stuff in here you never saw before. Filmed and edited by Jack Paton.
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Dan McNamara At Woodward West

Dan McNamara spent a month or so in the US recently where he met up with Tim Storey at the Woodward West and filmed all these clips. No idea how old Dan is, but I am sure he is still a young gun and when you know all the trick in here were pretty much first go, you know Dan is no joke. Edited by Jack Paton.
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Dan McNamara Welcome To Mad Gear

Dan McNamara is the newest addition to the Mad Gear crew and this welcome to the team edit, that was filmed and edited by Jack Paton is heavy as hell. Dan and Jack hit a bunch of skateparks around Australia and filmed a big amount of really good park riding. Dan has a big bag of tricks and likes pulling more tricks at a same time. The barspin to footjam to hang 5 to inside footjam and that last combo were next level.
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Dan McNamara 2012 Edit

Would you believe me if I told you that this kid is only 14 years old and that the edit starts with a 360 tailwhip to barspin? I think not, but thank god here is the edit to prove it, with much more insane stuff. Dan is a very young gun from Brisbane, Australia that has been working on this one with Jack paton over the last five weeks. Press play and enjoy this unreal riding.
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