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Kenneth Tencio At Daniel Dhers’ Action Sports Compound

This is one of the first looks at Daniel Dhers’ new and simply incredible Action Sports Compound by Vital, featuring Kenneth Tencio. This Costa Rican park machine is seriously insane. The whole indoor and outdoor ramp facility is madness, but when you release Kenneth Tencio from chains, he will make everything look even better. This skatepark is really massive and it has pretty much everything you want. You sure will not be bored over there. Kenneth did not rode every single object in this video, but all those he did, he completely destroyed them. I really wish there would be some slow motions in here, because all those combos… damn. Hit the play button now and be amazed, be really amazed.
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Fise Marseille 2014 – Video Highlights From The Contest

Here are video highlights from the Fise Marseille 2014 contest that went down last weekend and the contest sure was nuts. Top skatepark riders from all over the world came to compete at this pretty ridiculous course. All of them were nailing down some really insane moves. Riding from Pat Casey, Alex Coleborn, Tom Justice, Daniel Sandoval, Daniel Dhers, Logan Martin and many more. Fise Marseille was an insane event like always. You just know there will be madness going down at a contest where such a big names are competing. I will add only this, I really dig Pat Casey’s brakeless style of riding. I think it suits him really damn good.
So, if you are in need of some serious park riding, even if from a contest and not actual web edit, this is something you must not miss. No one will make you go away from the screen disappointed.
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Spot Check – Daniel Dhers And The Action Sports Complex

Spot Check: Daniel Dhers Sports Complex from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

Plus Size BMX caught up with Daniel Dhers at the Action Sports Complex in Holly Springs, North Carolina to get a quick look at hos massive and big this place is going to be. There is going to be an indoor and an outdoor skateparks with one long pump track. See more above.
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Daniel Dhers In Peru Riding In The Back Of A Truck

Have you seen that photo of Daniel Dhers riding a mini ramp setup in the back on a truck on a highway somewhere in Peru? If you do, or if you didn’t, it does not matter right now, here is the video, that will show you how much fun Daniel had over there. If you ask me, this looks kinda scary to me.
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Daniel Dhers Introduces His New Park

Daniel Dhers Introduces His New Park – More BMX Videos

We all know Daniel Dhers closed the doors of the Animal House, due to opening new ramp facility in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Here is a first look at the indoor and outdoor ramp facility, designed by Nate Wessel.
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Animal House – Goodbye Jam Highlights

Animal House: Goodbye Jam – More BMX Videos

Video highlights from the last jam, the Goodbye Jam, that went down at the Animal House indoor skatepark in Greenville, North Carolina, featuring Daniel Dhers, Daniel Sandoval, Rob Darden, Rob Armour, Todd Meyn, Josh Perry, Zane Bradley and many more. Some seriously insane riding went down from all of the attendees.
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The Goodbye Jam

I guess we all know by now that Daniel Dhers will be closing the Animal House indoor skatepark in Greenville, North Carolina, due to other project, but to close the doors in style he will be hosting one last contest. It will be happening from October 26th to 27th and if you want to see the madness in person, mark your calendar.

The Animal House Goodbye Jam And Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex

It looks like Daniel Dhers is closing the doors of the Animal House indoor skatepark in Greenville, North Carolia and is throwing down one last jam, the Goodbye Jam. Also, the news dropped that he will be opening a new Action Sports Complex outside of Releigh, Nort Carolina, that will be open to the public.
“The weekend of October 26th and 27th, 2013 I will be hosting a Goodbye Jam at the Animal House in Greenville, NC as I prepare for the next chapter of my life and the opening of my first ever Action Sports Complex in Holly Springs, NC. This pro/am contest will celebrate the ending of an era, in one of the greatest facilities that has ever existed in BMX, and the beginning of a new one.

This Goodbye Jam will be the last opportunity for all riders, pro or am, to enjoy the infamous Animal House in Greenville, NC. We will begin breaking down the ramps shortly after the contest. I will also host a much needed riders meeting, for all pros, to propose and discuss some ideas to help improve our current judging and scoring system, as well as, our contest format which has been so controversial in the past. Ultimately, we will present our ideas to the sports organizers for contests worldwide to help improve our sport and have a more refined judging/scoring system that will allow BMX to grow exponentially.

January 2014, the first ever Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex will be opening in Holly Springs, NC. This complex will be a family oriented facility where riders of all ages and skill levels can enhance their abilities in unity under the care and supervision of a knowledgeable staff. The park, designed and built by Nate Wessel, will be a 37,000 sq. ft. indoor/outdoor riding facility for BMX, Mountain Biking and Skateboarding with 20,000 sq. ft. inside and 17,000 sq. ft. outside.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding the contest, riders meeting, tentative schedule, and hotel accommodations. For any other questions or concerns, please contact me via Facebook at

Calling The Shots With Daniel Dhers

In this new episode of Crooked World’s Calling The Shots series Daniel Dhers tries to one up other pros signature tricks. He picked Alistair Whitton, Jamie Bestwick Scotty Cranmer, Brett “Maddog” Banasiewicz, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Alessandor Barbero and Dave Mirra and complete the challenge. Big tricks for sure and it looks like Daniel has them all on lock.
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2013 BMX Cuerna Style Contest Highlights

2013 BMX Cuerna Style Highlights – More BMX Videos

AJ Anaya, Kevin Peraza, David Peraza, Ryan Guettler, Vince Byron, Daniel Sandoval, Daniel Dhers and many more took a trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico for the first ever BMX Cuerna Style contest. Heavy hitters and heavy hitters only, so expect big stunts over those box jumps.
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