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Daniel Wedemeijer Training for Nitro Circus Live Shows

Red Bull sent Daniel Wedemeijer to America to train for the Nitro Circus Live shows in Holland and it looks like he did not really had any problems clearing the insane Nitro Ramp. Daniel is making a big name for himself with this “little” project and I am sure we are all happy for him.
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Daniel Wedemeijer’s Quick Clips At 040 Park

Even if just quick clips, you know when Daniel Wedemeijer is mention in the title all of them will be bananas and it is the same with this one (and also have in mind that all these were filmed in just one hour). I think Daniel only understands the word big and big he goes all the time.
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040 BMX Park 2013 Open Contest

To officially open the season of 2013 there was a 2013 Open Contest organized at the 040 indoor BMX skatepark in Netherlands and here are the highlights from the happening. Daniel Wedemeijer boosted a few big airs and transfer, but I also need to mention all the rest of the riders who killed it really hard.
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Daniel Wedemeijer On Red Bull

After working really hard with Red Bull for the Framed Reactions project that went down yesterday in Netherlands, Daniel Wedemeijer has now officially joined the crew. Mankind also did a quick interview with Daniel about the whole story behind Red Bull Framed Reaction, so head over there, you may learn something new.

Daniel Wedemeijer – Backflip Over Amsterdamse Gracht & Framed Reactions Contest

Daniel Wedemeijer is the kind of person that always go big and always go all in. Watch this dude jumping and pulling a backflip and also a backflip turndown over the Amsterdam canal.
Red Bull is once again working with Nate Wessel to host another one-of-a-kind contests in Amsterdam, on June 8th, 2013, called Framed Reactions. They invited 16 best riders in the world, so you know this thing is going to be big. Red more and find out who are the riders.
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Open Dutch Championship 2013 At Helm Trails

Already dropped one edit from the Open Dutch Championship 2013 that took place at the Helm trail in Netherlands, on May 5th, but I don’t mind posting another one. This day was pretty much a huge success, good weather, good riders, good times, you don’t need more. Filmed and edited by Ryan Verhagen. Find results after the jump.
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Wild Night Contest 2013 Highlights

Wild Night Contest 2013 by ECDC by EDHEC_ECDC
Here are the highlights from the recent Wild Night Contest 2013 that went down in France. There was a good mix of park and street shredders completely murdering the whole place, but the gold went to Todd Meyn, silver to Daniel Wedemeijer and bronze to Maxime Charveron. Full results after the jump.
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Daniel Wedemeijer 040 Edit

Daniel Wedemeijer was in the recovery process over the past two months, but is now back on his bike an ready to kill. Can you believe this is only his third session on his bike? I can’t really believe, because it looks like, he wasn’t off the bike at all. This We Are Orange Juice exclusive is a banger. Last backflip transfer… are you kidding me?
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Daniel Wedemeijer In Greenville, NC

Daniel Wedemeijer in Greenville, NC – More BMX Videos

Daniel Wedemeijer recently spent some time over the pond in Greenville, North Carolina and managed to get this quick edit filmed. Daniel threw down some really crazy footjam and canadian footjam variations and one huge 360 transfer. One more thing, have you ever seen a perfect canadian footjam to turndown?
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Daniel Wedemeijer Bike Check

Just after competing at a contest in Paris, France Daniel Wedemeijer got a fresh new Mankind setup, built mostly out of Mankind parts. This black and chrome beauty looks dialed. Check more photos and parts list on this link.