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Danny Josa In Australia

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Danny Josa is now living in the States for ten years and this winter decided to take a plane and visit Australia for three months. Over that course he was all over the coutry, visiting different spots to ride and experience the culture to the fullest. Fat Tony was also part of the drip and managed to snap some clips here and there to make this web edit happen. Enjoy in the clean style and smooth tricks from Danny.
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Danny Josa Woodward West 2013 Edit

Two minutes of super smooth brakeless and pegless riding from Danny Josa at the Woodward West, filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith. Danny likes to flow around the park, pulling airs, air time tricks and also knows how to get technical. Sunday is poor with edits, so take your time and watch this one now.
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34R Team On A Trip To BMX Worlds 2013

The 34R crew, consisting of Ondra Slez, Vilibald Vitek, Zdenda Pesek, Vita Kacha, Jakub Juza, Stefan Pauli, Danny Josa, Michal Teichman, Jan Hubka, Lukas Barta, Pavel Hyvnar and Kamil Feifer, took a trip to Cologne, Germany for the BMX Worlds event and this is a little documentary from their adventure.
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Vans Dirt And Roll Final Results

The Vans Dirt And Roll contest went down this past weekend in Jicin, Czech Republic and here we have the final results. It was Corey Bohan who won the comp, Danny Josa who scored second place and Dusan Antalik who got third.
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Memorial Day Dirt Session

Memorial Day Dirt Session – More BMX Videos

Hot moves from Joey Cordova, Alex Landeros, Danny Josa and Dale O’Brien at the at the Memorial Day Dirt Session at the trails in Lake Elsinore, California. All the trails riders out there and all the trick lovers out there will enjoy this one.
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Danny Josa Profile

If you are following Danny Josa on Instagram, than you already know he spent some time in Australia, to be exact, three months. Ride now dropped a web edit of his, where he shreds all the well known Australian skateparks and brings out his amazing style and big tricks. Enjoy.
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How To Inverts With Danny Josa

Danny Josa sure knows how to pull an invert out of a quarter pipe with style. He is now here, in the latest installment in Alli Sports’ Step By Step, to teach you how to properly pull it. You may have some problems with this trick at the beginning, but when you will master it, you’ll have tons of fun with it.
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Ally “My Five” – Danny Josa

For this new episode of Alli Sports’ “My Five” series they sat down with Danny Josa to talk about what he likes doing besides riding BMX, which is his favorite place to ride, the one thing than not many people know about him and more. Along with the video interview they filmed some rad clips of Danny riding Mike Spinner’s backyard ramp setup.
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Danny Josa Power Hour

Norbi Vasko had a chance to film a power hour with a very stylish rider, Danny Josa, who spent a few days in Orlando to ride his bike. They hit the Orlando skatepark and managed to get down all bunch of really awesome clips. Nothing to crazy and insane, but I must say that it’s a really enjoyable one, so click play above and enjoy.
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34R Summer Tour 2012

This past summer 34R send 16 riders on a thirteen days long road trip visiting Nass festival, Bristol Jam, Crucial Distribution, Herten Germany, Wicked Woods, Gs distribution and Bmx Worlds in Cologne. You’ll need to get comfy to watch this video, featuring Ondra Slez, Danny Josa, Fat Tony, Catfish, Big Daddy, Stefan Pauli, Vilibald Vitek, Zdenda Pesek, Kamil Feifer, Pavel Hyvnar, Lukas Barta, Michal Teichman, Mikolas Kafunek, Jarda Jörka, Pazli and David Lorenz, cause it has tons of good stuff.