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Dan’s Comp – Devon Smillie Pre-Surgery Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Devon Smillie Pre-Surgery – More BMX Videos

First a bike check and now a web video from Dan’s Comp’s Devon Smillie. We can call this Friday the Devon Friday. Smillie recently went under the knife to get his knee fixed and will be off the bike for a while now, but don’t get sad to quickly. Here is a bunch of crazy good and very technical (as usual) riding he filmed before the surgery. Last truck driver was madness.
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Dan’s Comp – Chase Dehart Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Chase Dehart – More BMX Videos

It was yesterday when we post a video bike check that dropped, featuring Chase Dehart, and it is today that we are posting Chase’s newest web video. From wallrides, to links and the smoothest whips, Dan’s Comp’s Chase Dehart destroyed local New Jersey spots.
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Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD Leftover Mix

Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD Leftover Mix from on Vimeo.

The filming for the Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD is over and on Monday, November 25th it will be available for you to get your hands on it, but until then, here is a rad leftover mix teaser featuring Broc Raiford, Ben Hucke, Shane Weston, Alex Magallan, Tony Hamlin, Tony Neyer and Trey Jones.
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Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD – Stevie Churchill Leftovers

Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD: Stevie Churchill Leftovers from on Vimeo.

Stevie Churchill filmed so much quality stuff for Dan’s Comp’s Roll Call DVD, that there left over a handful of ridiculous clips from this Leftovers edit. If this is sick already, you know your jaw will drop when watching his section in the DVD. Stevie sure is a beast on that bike.
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Dan’s Comp – Jukes Muncie

Dan’s Comp Jukes Muncie from Austin Zentmyer on Vimeo.

Dan’s Comp flow riders Michael Barrow, Derek Embry and Austin Zentmyer having plenty of fun over at the Muncie indoor skatepark in Muncie, Indiana. Guest appearance by Michael Mckenzie and Habo Guiterrez. Hit it.
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Chase Dehart Dan’s Comp Ad

Chase Dehart with a smooth downside tailwhip for Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad, that is featured in the 97th issue of the DIG magazine, to promote some of the stuff from his sponsors, Cult, Etnies and Animal.

Dan’s Comp – Devon Smillie Leftovers

Devon Smillie leftovers. from on Vimeo.

Devon Smillie filmed so much quality stuff for Dan’s Comp’s “Roll Call” DVD, but they just could not feature all in it, so instead of leaving footage behind, they put it together into this amazing leftovers edit. Devon is all about being as technical as he can get and I am really wondering what his section will be all about.
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Dan’s Comp Holidays 2013 Catalog And Chase Dehart Interview

Dan’s Comp put together the holidays 2013 catalog, where you can check all the new parts from you favorite companies. They also caught up with Chase Dehart to get a little update done how is it being a dad, filming for Cult, Animal and more.

Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” – Raul Ruiz Leftovers

From today until the premiere of the Dan’s Comp new DVD “Roll Call”, they will be releasing leftover edits and to kick things off, here is Raul Ruiz’s leftover edit. When filming for a DVD you know plenty of clips are left over and with a heavy team that Dan’s has, you just know, that even if leftovers, they will be still heavy. Hit it.
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The Bakery “Secret Recipe” Contest And Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD Premiere

Looks like there is going to be some heavy stuff going on on November 23rd, 2013 at The Bakery. There will be an Invitational “Secret Recipe” contest happening and a premiere of the new Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD. Red below for more informations.
“The Bakery and RPRT Management announced a partnership today to bring the coveted Bakery Invitational back in 2013 for its second year in a row. Thanks to support from Mueller Sports Medicine, Vans, Dan’s Comp and Cult Bikes, The Bakery “Secret Recipe” will feature 12 hand selected riders to come and tear up 3 sections of The Bakery and also compete in a bunny hop contest. The contest is closed to the public and riders will be announced all this week (3 a day) via The Bakery Instagram (@insidethebakery). Practice and the contest will be rolled out exclusively through with a series of web edits highlighting the best moments from practice, the 3 sections of the contest, the bunny hop contest and the final results. Riders will be sworn to secrecy until after the final edit drops. The day will be capped off with the premiere of the much anticipated Dan’s Comp video “Roll Call” and will be open to the public.”