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Nathan Williams Dan’s Comp Ad

Nathan Williams grinding this high ledge for Dan’s Comp’s latest print and to promote some of the Nathan’s sponsors’ stuff. This ad is featured in the 195th issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD Trailer

Dan’s Comp “ROLL CALL” Trailer from on Vimeo.

Trailer for one hell of a DVD, that should be out in November, 2013, filmed and edited by Stew Johnson. Yep, it is the Dan’s Comp’s Roll Call video we are talking about and after looking at this piece, I can only say it is going to be ridiculous, from start to end. Which such a heavy crew you actually can’t do any different. You know riders will go nuts and they went. But here is just a little something. Get stoke, get hyped, get pumped. Enjoy.
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Dan’s Comp – Ben Hucke Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Ben Hucke – More BMX Videos

Street and skatepark riding in Washington and Oregon from Dan’s Comp pro team rider Ben Hucke. Ben and his style are two things that never let you down in an edit end this one is no different. Lot of goodness in here worth taking a watch.
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Dan’s Comp – Breast Cancer Sticker Pack

Every year good people over at Dan’s Comp try and help raising money for breast cancer. This year you can be part of the project for only $5 and not only you receive a sticker pack, you also enter this giveaaway, where you can win yourself a custom Skavenger X Animal bikes complete bike. Buy stickers now.

Dan’s Comp – Alex Magallan Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Alex Magallan – More BMX Videos

Dan’s Comp’s Alex Magallan always comes out with something original, unique and creative and this new piece is now different. From street spots, to ditches and pools of Las Vegas, Nevada, Alex shreds them all and bring out some big moves.
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Chase Dehart Animal Bikes Ad

Animal Bikes’ latest print ad that is running in the fall 2013 catalog from Dan’s Comp featuring Chase Dehart, Akimbo cranks, V3 sprocket and Big Script crewneck.

Dan’s Comp 2013 Fall Catalog

The 2013 Fall catalog from Dan’s Comp is now online and if you want to see all the new products from your favorite brands, you should check it out now. It is Trey Jones who scored the cover and along with the catalog drop you can also read a quick interview Ride made with him.

Morgan Long Dan’s Comp Advert

Morgan Long with a serious 180 for Dan’s Comp’s latest print advert for the October issue of the Ride BMX magazine. This thing looks super scary.

New Dan’s Comp Catalog Cover Featuring Alex Magallan

Alex Magallan scored the cover of the new Dan’s Comp catalog, the back to school v2 catalog, where most of the parts and apparel from your favorite brands are featured. Check the catalog on their web site and also read a quick interview they made with Alex.

Dan’s Comp – United Colors Of Etnies Giveaway

Dan’s Comp teamed up with United to give away a big pack from their United Colors Of Etnies range of products. Look above to see how big of a giveaway pack it is and make sure you do not forget to enter it right now, you never know, maybe it is you who will be the lucky winner.