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Dan’s Comp – Broc Raiford And Morgan Long At Ashbridges Bay Skatepark

Broc Raiford and Morgan Long having a warm up session at the Ahbridges Bay skatepark while on the recent trip to Toronto, ON Canada to film for the upcoming Dan’s Comp DVD. Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson. Guest clip by Chris Silva.
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Cult – Dakota Roche X Dan’s Comp Limited B Boy Frame

You are looking at a very limited matte tan colorway of the Cult B Boy frame, that was made in collaboration with Dakota Roche and Dan’s Comp. This frame can be exclusively bought through Dan’s and each frame get a free T-shirt. If you dig it, act fast, because you know this will go in no time.

How To Turndown With Van Homan

The legend, Van Homan, sat down with Stew Johnson to talk about the turndowns, how they need to be pulled along with some nice shots of the trick from Van pulling it at a few different spots. You know Van has these on lock, so hit play and hear from the best. Just to inform you, Dan’s Comp DVD is dropping later this year and with a heavy crew like Dan’s it is going to be madness I say, madness.
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Dan’s Comp Late Summer 2013 Catalog

Dan’s Comp dropped their Late Summer 2013 print catalogue online now and if you weren’t able to get a copy of it yet, you can now check out the latest products and apparel from your favorite brands online. Go, flip through it now.

Edwin De La Rosa Dan’s Comp Print Ad

You are looking at Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad that can be found in the 2013 August issue of Ride BMX magazine and features Animal Bikes’ Edwin De La Rosa with a stylish smith grind.
If we are already talking about Edwin, watch his and Tom White’s section from the Fit “FitLife” video below. Killed it.

Dan’s Comp X Cinema X DUO Giveaway

Dan’s Comp teamed up with Cinema and DUO to bring out a pretty big giveaway, where you can win yourself Cinema VX front wheel, Cinema VX2 rear wheel, 2 Cinema VX front hub guards, 1 Cinema VX2 rear hub guard, 2 DUO Stunner Lo tires, 2 DUO inner tubes, 1 par of DUO Resilite pedals and 1 pair of DUO Martinez grips. Lot of stuff, right. Enter now.

Game Of B.I.K.E. With The Dan’s Comp Team

OK, this is probably one of the craziest Game Of B.I.K.E.’s I have ever seen. Seat back and enjoy in eight minutes of constant bangers from the Dan’s Comp riders Morgan Long, Devon Smillie, Shane Weston and Stevie Churchill. What I will say about this is that Steve is unreal and he can do just every single trick on flat. Look how clean was that 540 to fakie or the truck driver to manual to 180. This thing is bananas.
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Dan’s Comp X Profile Racing Contest

Dan’s Comp has teamed up with Profile Racing for a new giveaway where you can win yourself a really big pack of products “to race like the pros.” You can get Profile cranks, hubs, cassette cog, chain ring, stem and chain adjuster. Fill the form and you are in.

Broc Raiford Welcome To Dan’s Comp

First amazing Eric Lichtenberger web video and now Broc Raiford’s welcome to Dan’s Comp edit. Two ridiculously good and amazing pieces at a time. Stew Johnson and Broc had a few problems with skateparks, but they still came out with a collection of dope clips, all well filmed and edited. It is Broc and you know he never disappoints.
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Raul Ruiz Dan’s Comp Ad

Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad featuring Raul Ruiz going with style on a bank to promote Wethepeople, Primo, Quintin and Ipath products. You can find this ad in the 191st issue of the Ride BMX magazine.