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Dan’s Comp – Tony Hamlin, Devon Smillie & Stevie Churchill At Chavez Plaza

Right after seeing this names in the title I knew things will go wild and crazy. After pressing that play button, I realized that this won’t be as insane edit as we are used to from these guys, but there still are some really good stuff pulled. Dan’s Comp’s Tony Hamlin, Devon Smillie and Stevie Churchill shredding the Chavez skate plaza in Phoenix, Arizona, filmed and edited by Stew Johnson. Devon decided to get some skate stuff done due to his injury and I think he pretty much killed it.
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Terry Adams Video Bike Check

Dan’s Comp’s flatland rider Terry Adams runs you through his setup, showing you every single detail of it along with throwing down a few crazy technical flatland links. All filmed at his backyard spot by Stew Johnson in between filming for his section for the upcoming Dan’s Comp DVD.
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Broc Raiford On Dan’s Comp

Dan’s Comp is proud to announce that they added Broc Raiford to their flow team. Dan’s Comp’s team keep growing and growing and with having a team like that, you can expect only amazing stuff to come. Make sure you also click here and read an interview with Broc they did, about 49″ bunnyhop, art and tattooing, plans for 2013 and more.

Dan’s Comp X Cult Chase Dehart Giveaway

Dan’s Comp teamed up with Cult for a pretty big giveaway, where they will be giving away Chase Dehart’s signature Cult parts, Butter frame, Dehart Grips, pair of Dehart tires, Ledge Butter wax and Dehart Pivotal seat. Make sure you click here, fill the form and enter.

Drew York Verde Ad

Verde’s latest print ad featuring Drew York and their 2013 Vex XL complete bike. This one can be found in the Dan’s Comp holiday catalog. If you still didn’t checked what Verde is offering for 2013, click here.

Dan’s Comp – Raul Ruiz & Morgan Long Split Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Raul Ruiz & Morgan Long – More BMX Videos

A split edit from Dan’s Comp teammates Raul Ruiz and Morgan Long. Raul is more of a grind master and Morgan is the one who gets technical, especially with vader sliders. This edit came out really solid with tons of really good stuff. Enjoy.
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Devon Smillie Welcome To Dan’s Comp Pro

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Devon Smillie – More BMX Videos

This is the official announcement that Devon Smillie has joined Dan’s Comp’s pro team. Devon hit spots around his hometown of Georgia and brough out his amazing technical street style of riding. Barspin to icepick grind down kinked rail? Even if Devon is more of a street rider, he can also boost some high airs. Must see.
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Seth Kimbrough Bike Check

30 years old Seth Kimbrough, who is ripping it for Hoffman, The Shadow Conspiracy, Ipath and Dan’s Comp, has a quick bike check up one the Ride BMX site. Click here to check his Hoffman Bama setup out.

Bone Deth Frame & Parts Giveaway

There is a pretty big giveaway going on up on the Dan’s Comp site where you can win custom painted Bone Deth Colt 45 frame, Deadman V2 bars and a Bottom Feeder fork along with Burning Rubber grips, a Speedfreak sprocket, Vibrator seat and a Bone Deth sticker pack. This custom painted black & red leopard style products looks so sick.

Shane Weston Video Bike Check

During the recent filming trip for the upcoming Dan’s Comp DVD, Shane Weston and Stew Johnson took a little of their time to film this video bike check, where Shane runs you through his current Fly and Eclat setup along with throwing down a few combos for you to check out. I must say that it is really hard to notice the difference between regular and opposite barspins.
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